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Re: [PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 14/x] Passes [1/n] Expand interfaces

On 10/30/14 10:37, Ilya Enkovich wrote:


I rebased patches on current trunk.  Bootstrap and check are clean on

Darwin bootstrap has few issues due to IPA ICF pass.  I also found my
patches introduce an unused variable warning due to conditional code
(under #ifdef ASM_OUTPUT_DEF) in varasm.  With IPA ICF disabled and
this warning fixed Darwin 64 bootstrap is OK.

ARM cross build revealed another problem with conditional code.
Function immed_double_const was put under #if
(TARGET_SUPPORTS_WIDE_INT == 0) some time ago but I missed it and
didn't update my patches.  With this fixed cross build is also OK.
Thanks for taking the extra time to test ARM too. It is greatly appreciated.

FWIW, I'd like to see the amount of #if conditional code go down over time. The glibc team is making a similar change and while painful I do thing it brings noticeable long term maintenance benefits. But that's clearly out of scope for this stuff ;-)

Below are required changes.  If these fixes are OK, I'm ready to
commit whole series (I'm going to commit it as a single patch because
didn't test each part separately).
They're fine.   ANd yes, please commit as a single patch.

Thanks for your patience on this stuff, I know it's been a long slow process.

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