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Re: [PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 40/x] Support in IPA ICF

On 10/28/14 10:38, Ilya Enkovich wrote:

After recent merge with trunk I found that new IPA pass ICF requires few modifications for instrumented code:
  - instrumentation thunk existence means we cannot merge function into another one and should generate thunk instead
  - thunk generation should set with_bounds flag for instrumented funnctions
  - when DECL_INITIAL is cleaned for symbol, need_bounds_init should also be reset

Merge also required some minor changes in other patches due to changes includes, etc.  Nothing important to repost.

With these changes I get clean bootstrap and make check on linux-x86_64.  Also have clean runs of instrumented (run in NOP mode) and not isntrumented SPEC2000 and SPEC2006.

I also tried to bootstrap it for Darwin but unfortunately trunk fails to bootstrap there even with patches from PR63534 applied.  Error is the same for mpx branch.

2014-10-28  Ilya Enkovich  <>

	* cgraphunit.c (cgraph_node::expand_thunk): Set with_bounds flag
	for created call statement.
	* ipa-icf.c (sem_function::merge): Do not merge when instrumentation
	thunk still exists.
	(sem_variable::merge): Reset need_bounds_init flag.

Last few days have been hell and thus hard to find the time to look at the state of the Darwin world. Thanks for trying to test Darwin.


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