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genmatch infinite loop during bootstrap on AIX

genmatch is hanging when bootstrapping on AIX (gcc111).  When I attach
to the process:

#0  0x1007efac in std::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>,
std::allocator<char> >::basic_string ()
#1  0x1000e6b0 in _ZN6parser13parse_captureEP7operand (this=0x300594b8, op=0x0)
    at /home/dje/src/src/gcc/genmatch.c:2607
#2  0x1000e9f0 in _ZN6parser10parse_exprEv (this=0x2ff20208)
    at /home/dje/src/src/gcc/genmatch.c:2669
#3  0x1000ee38 in _ZN6parser8parse_opEv (this=0x2ff20208)
    at /home/dje/src/src/gcc/genmatch.c:2728
#4  0x1000efc4 in
(this=0x2ff20208, match_location=4614, simplifiers=...,
    matcher=0x0, result=0x0) at /home/dje/src/src/gcc/genmatch.c:2792
#5  0x100102fc in _ZN6parser13parse_patternEv (this=0x2ff20208)
    at /home/dje/src/src/gcc/genmatch.c:3052
#6  0x10010c0c in _ZN6parser9parse_forEj (this=0x2ff20208)
    at /home/dje/src/src/gcc/genmatch.c:2991
#7  0x10010350 in _ZN6parser13parse_patternEv (this=0x2ff20208)
    at /home/dje/src/src/gcc/genmatch.c:3090
#8  0x1001122c in _ZN6parserC2EP10cpp_reader (this=0x2ff20208, r_=0x3003bbec)
    at /home/dje/src/src/gcc/genmatch.c:3122
#9  0x10004acc in main (argc=<error reading variable>,
    argv=<error reading variable>) at  _start_ :3204

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