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Re: [PATCH v2 0-6/11] Fix PR/61114, make direct vector reductions endianness-neutral

On Fri, 24 Oct 2014, Alan Lawrence wrote:

> This is the first half of my previous patch series
> (, that is the part
> making the REDUC_..._EXPR tree codes endian-neutral, and adding a new
> reduce-to-scalar optab in place of the endianness-dependent
> reduc_[us](plus|min|max)_optab.
> I'm leaving the vec_shr portion out of this patch series, as the link between
> the two halves is only the end goal of removing an "if (BYTES_BIG_ENDIAN)"
> from tree-vect-loop.c; this series removes that from one code path so can
> stand alone.
> Patches 1-6 are as previously posted apart from rebasing and removing the
> old/poisoned AArch64 patterns as per maintainer's request. Patches 1, 2, 4, 5
> and 6 have already been approved; patch 3 was discussed somewhat but I think
> we decided against most of the ideas raised, I have added comment to
> scalar_reduc_to_vector. I now reread Richie's "Otherwise the patch looks good
> to me" and wonder if I should have taken that as an approval but I didn't read
> it that way at the time...???

Yes, it was an approval ;)

> Patches 7-11 migrate migrate ARM, x86, IA64 (I think), and mostly PowerPC, to
> the new reduc_(plus|[us](min|max))_scal_optab. I have not managed to work out
> how to do the same for MIPS (specifically what I need to add to
> mips_expand_vec_reduc), and have had no response from the maintainers, so am
> leaving that for now. Also I haven't migrated (or worked out how to target)
> rs6000/, help would be most welcome.
> The suggestion was then to "complete" the migration, by removing the old
> optabs. There are a few options here and I'll follow up with appropriate
> patches according to feedback received. I see options:
> (1) just delete the old optabs (and the migration code). This would
> performance-regress the MIPS backend, but should not break it, although one
> should really do *something* with the then-unused
> reduc_[us](plus|min|max)_optab in config/mips/
> (2) also renaming reduc_..._scal_optab back to reduc_..._optab; would break
> the MIPS backend if something were not done with it's existing patterns.
> (2a) Alternatively I could just use a different new name, e.g. reduce_....,
> reduct_...., vec_reduc_..., anything that's less of a mouthful than
> reduc_..._scal. Whilst being only-very-slightly-different from the current
> reduc_... might be confusing, so might changing the meaning of the optab, and
> its signature, with the existing name, so am open to suggestions?

I definitely prefer (2).


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