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Re: [PING][PATCH] GCC/test: Set timeout factor for c11-atomic-exec-5.c


> >> >  I thought would
> >> > be folded into PowerPC TARGET_ATOMIC_ASSIGN_EXPAND_FENV support, but I see
> >> > r216437 went without it.  In that case would someone please review my
> >> > proposal as a separate change?
> >>
> >> The patch seems like a kludge work-around. Joseph suggested that full
> >> support will require a newer GLIBC and detection in GCC.
> >
> > No, it's support for soft-float and e500 in
> > TARGET_ATOMIC_ASSIGN_EXPAND_FENV that will need that (along with libgcc
> > changes to make libgcc's copies of the soft-fp functions into compat
> > symbols when they are available in glibc).  That's nothing to do with the
> > timeout issue.
> I can apply the patch, but I don't want to unilaterally decide to
> change the timeout affecting all architectures.

 Understood, I only cc-ed you to keep you in the loop with changes somehow 
related to Power targets and stuff you have been involved with rather than 
seeking your approval.


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