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Re: [6/7] Random tweaks

On 10/21/14 14:26, Bernd Schmidt wrote:
This tweaks a few tests so that we don't have to skip them.  This is
mostly concerned with declaring main properly, or changing other
declarations where the test does not seem to rely on the type mismatches.

I've also included one example of changing a function name to not be
"call", ptxas seems to have a bug that makes it not allow this function
name. If that doesn't seem too awful I'll have a few more tests to fix
up in this way.

There'll be a 7th patch, not because I can't count, but because I didn't
follow a consistent naming scheme for the patches.



	* gcc.c-torture/compile/920625-2.c: Add return type to
	* gcc.c-torture/execute/20091229-1.c: Declare main properly.
	* gcc.c-torture/execute/pr61375.c: Likewise.
	* gcc.c-torture/execute/20111208-1.c: Use __SIZE_TYPE__ for size_t.
	* gcc.dg/pr30904.c: Remove extern from declaration of t.
	* gcc.c-torture/compile/callind.c (bar): Renamed from call.
Are any of these obsoleted by Marek's work around gnu11? If not, they're all fine for the trunk.


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