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Re: NRV with address taken

On Thu, 16 Oct 2014, Richard Biener wrote:

Does this fix PR63537?

PR63537 is already fine for me with trunk, NRV replaces ret with retval everywhere. It does so even if I add f(&ret); in the function with void f(vec*);

I'd worry if both result and found are address taken before the pass, then
trying to merge them together might mean something meant to have different
addresses collapses into the same object.

I'd not worry about that.  But I think what the code tries to avoid is failing
to adjust a use.  But I can't think of a case that isn't handled if it properly
replaces uses in address-taking operations (and asms).

For example it fails to walk PHI nodes where &var can appear as argument.

Otherwise it relies on walk_gimple_op and walk_tree which should work.

The other thing is aliasing though - if 'found' is TREE_ADDRESSABLE
then points-to sets may contain 'found' but they are not adjusted to
contain '<result>' afterwards.  Thus consider

X a;
X *p = &a;
a.x = 1;
p->x = ...;
... = a.x;
return a;

where after replacing 'a' with '<result>' p->x will no longer alias the
store that now looks like <result>.x and thus we'd happily CSE
<result>.x across the pointer store.  Now NRV runs quite late
but we do preserve points-to information to RTL (and RTL expansion
handles stack slot sharing fine with points-to sets - but we'd need to
handle NRV the same here).

Ah, ok. It would be great to paste some of this in tree-nrv.c, unless you think it will be too much.

Marc Glisse

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