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Re: [PATCH, rtl-optimization] Fix PR63475, Postreload CSE propagates aliased memory operand

On 10/14/14 01:11, Uros Bizjak wrote:

2014-10-14  Uros Bizjak  <>

     PR rtl-optimization/63475
     * alias.c (true_dependence_1): Always use get_addr to extract
     true address operands from x_addr and mem_addr.  Use extracted
     address operands to check for references with alignment ANDs.
     Use extracted address operands with find_base_term and
     base_alis_check. For noncanonicalized operands call canon_rtx with
     extracted address operand.
     (write_dependence_1): Ditto.
     (may_alias_p): Ditto.  Remove unused calls to canon_rtx.
s/alis/alias in the ChangeLog

Patch was thoroughly tested on x86_64-linux-gnu {,-m32} and
alpha-linux-gnu for all default languages plus obj-c++ and go. While
there was no differences on x86_64-linux-gnu (as expected),
alpha-linux-gnu improved the result [1] for some hundred of PASSes in
gfortran testsuite [2].

OK for mainline?
OK.  No addition tests needed since this is covered by the existing suite.


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