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Re: [PATCH] move many gc hashtab to hash_table

On 10/06/14 21:24, wrote:
From: Trevor Saunders <>


This changes almost all of the ggc htab that don't use the if_marked option to
be hash_tables.  I added a for_user gty attribute so that types could be used
from user marking routines without either using the mangled names or being
referenced in a template argument which was previously the only way to get
gengtype to emit user callable marking routines.

bootstrapped + regtested on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, ran make all-gcc for
ppc64-linux, ppc64-apple-darwin, mips-elf, m32c-elf, mep-elf, and
x86_64-apple-darwin.  I haven't heard back yet on my request for a cfarm
account so I haven't tried bootstrapping on other archs, but more testing is
most welcome. Ok?



* asan.c, cfgloop.c, cfgloop.h, cgraph.c, cgraph.h,
	config/darwin.c, config/m32c/m32c.c, config/mep/mep.c,
	config/mips/mips.c, config/rs6000/rs6000.c, dwarf2out.c,
	function.c, function.h, gimple-ssa.h, libfuncs.h, optabs.c,
	output.h, rtl.h, sese.c, symtab.c, tree-cfg.c, tree-dfa.c,
	tree-ssa.c, varasm.c: Use hash-table instead of hashtab.
	* doc/gty.texi (for_user): Document new option.
	* gengtype.c (create_user_defined_type): Don't try to get a struct for
	(walk_type): Don't error out on for_user option.
	(write_func_for_structure): Emit user marking routines if requested by
	for_user option.
	(write_local_func_for_structure): Likewise.
	(main): Mark types with for_user option as used.
	* ggc.h (gt_pch_nx): Add overload for unsigned int.
	* hash-map.h (hash_map::hash_entry::pch_nx_helper): AddOverloads.
	* hash-table.h (ggc_hasher): New struct.
	(hash_table::create_ggc): New function.
	(gt_pch_nx): New overload for hash_table.


	* class.c, decl.c, except.c, expr.c, java-tree.h, lang.c: Use
	hash_table instead of hashtab.


	* objc-act.c: use hash_table instead of hashtab.


	* cp-gimplify.c, cp-tree.h, decl.c, mangle.c, name-lookup.c,
	pt.c, semantics.c, tree.c, typeck2.c: Use hash_table instead of


	* trans-decl.c, trans.c, trans.h: Use hash_table instead of hashtab.


	* c-common.c: Use hash_table instead of hashtab.
Whee, meaning we no longer have to pass through void * pointers and the visually ugly casting that requires in the callbacks?!? Yea!

-    ++*((unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT *) data);
+    ++* data;
I think coding standards require no space here.  Obviously a nit.

This is obviously a fairly mechanical change. I did some spot checking and it looks good. I don't expect any fallout.

Good for the trunk.


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