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Re: [PATCH 5/n] OpenMP 4.0 offloading infrastructure: libgomp

On Mon, Oct 06, 2014 at 07:53:17PM +0400, Ilya Verbin wrote:
> 2014-10-06  Jakub Jelinek  <>
> 	    Ilya Verbin  <>
> 	    Thomas Schwinge  <>
> 	    Andrey Turetskiy  <>
> libgomp/
> 	* (GOMP_4.0.1): New symbol version.
> 	Add GOMP_offload_register.
> 	* libgomp_target.h: New file.
> 	* splay-tree.h: New file.
> 	* target.c: Include config.h, libgomp_target.h, dlfcn.h, splay-tree.h.
> 	(gomp_target_init): New forward declaration.
> 	(gomp_is_initialized): New static variable.
> 	(splay_tree_node, splay_tree, splay_tree_key): New typedefs.
> 	(struct target_mem_desc, struct splay_tree_key_s, offload_image_descr):
> 	New structures.
> 	(offload_images, num_offload_images, devices, num_devices): New static
> 	variables.
> 	(splay_compare): New static function.
> 	(struct gomp_device_descr): New structure.
> 	(gomp_get_num_devices): Call gomp_target_init.
> 	(resolve_device, gomp_map_vars_existing, gomp_map_vars, gomp_unmap_tgt)
> 	(gomp_unmap_vars, gomp_update, gomp_init_device): New static functions.
> 	(GOMP_offload_register): New function.
> 	(GOMP_target): Arrange for host callback to be performed in a separate
> 	initial thread and contention group, inheriting ICVs from
> 	gomp_global_icv etc.  Call gomp_map_vars and gomp_unmap_vars.
> 	Add device initialization and lookup for target function in splay tree.
> 	(GOMP_target_data): Add device initialization and call gomp_map_vars.
> 	(GOMP_target_end_data): Call gomp_unmap_vars.
> 	(GOMP_target_update): Add device initialization and call gomp_update.
> 	(gomp_load_plugin_for_device, gomp_register_images_for_device)
> 	(gomp_target_init): New static functions.

This looks good to me.


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