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Re: [PATCH] PR58867 ASan and UBSan tests not run for installed testing.

Does it work without restore_ld_library_path in {asan, ubsan, tsan}_finish?

I see two opportunities to fix the issue:

1) Implement a stack of saved contexts.

2) Implement new functions, say {asan, ubsan, tsan}_restore_ld_library_path, to be able {asan, ubsan, tsan}_finish functions restore context correctly.

What solution is preferable?

On 10/08/2014 01:02 PM, Marcus Shawcroft wrote:
On 1 October 2014 08:09, Maxim Ostapenko
<> wrote:

some time ago, Andrew wrote a patch that fixes PR58867
(, but for some reasons it
wasn't committed to trunk.

This is resurrected Andrew's patch, extended to support Tsan testsuite.

Tested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, ok to commit?


This patch  results in wide spread failures in our bare metal test
runs.  I have not dug into the issue in detail but it appears that the
issue is related to the attempted use of  set_ld_library_path_env_vars
  and restore_ld_library_path_env_vars to save and restore nested

Consider ubsan/ubsan.exp:

load_lib gcc-dg.exp

The gcc-dg.exp library load calls set_ld_library_path_env_vars the
first time an initializes GCC_EXEC_PREFIX.
The ubsan_init call makes a further call to
set_ld_library_path_env_vars which has no effect.
The ubsan_finish invokes restore_ld_library_path_env_vars, restoring
the environments as it was prior to the call to dg-init.
Any further test execution has now lost the original initialization of
GCC_EXEC_PREFIX by gcc-dg.exp

It seems to me that either this patch assumes  that the
set/restore_ld_library_path_env foo  is capable of maintaining a stack
of saved contexts... which it is not.

Prior to this patch ubsan_finish did not attempt to call
restore_ld_library_path_env_vars hence the gcc-dg.exp environment
remained in place for subsequent test executions.


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