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Re: Fix libgomp crash without TLS (PR42616)

On Wed, Oct 01, 2014 at 08:44:59PM +0400, Varvara Rainchik wrote:
> Ok, then here it is a new patch (tested and bootstrapped on linux).
> On linux with --disable-tls now all libgomp make check tests pass; for
> Android I've patched toolchain and tried test from one of the
> mentioned bugs, test passes too.

> Is there some benchmark to check performance?

There is SPEC OMP,

Now, I wonder on which OS and why does config/tls.m4 CHECK_GCC_TLS
actually fail?  Can you figure that out?

If we get rid of HAVE_TLS code altogether, we might lose support of
some very old OSes, e.g. some Linux distros with a recent gcc and binutils
(so that emutls isn't used), but very old glibc (that doesn't support
TLS or supports it incorrectly, think of pre-2002 glibc).  So, if we get
rid of !HAVE_TLS code in libgomp, it would be nice if config/tls.m4 detected
it properly and we'd just fail at configure time.
And if we don't, just make sure that on Android, Darwin and/or M$Win (or
whatever other OS you had in mind which does support pthreads, but doesn't
support native TLS) find out why HAVE_AS_TLS is not defined (guess
config.log should explain that).

> 2014-10-01  Varvara Rainchik  <>
>         * libgomp.h (HAVE_TLS): Set to 1.


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