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[C++ Patch] PR 55250


the second half of the bug report is about C++14 variable declarations in constexpr functions, an implementation request which should be already done by Jason's recent commit.

The first half is about us not rejecting in C++11 mode type declarations in constexpr functions outside, per 7.1.5/3/4:

"typedef declarations and alias-declarations that do not define classes or enumerations,"

In fact, however, while working on the issue, I noticed that conversely we reject *all* type declarations in constructors (actually we used to ICE on those, which a while ago I turned to reject valid), eg:

    struct S
        constexpr S() { typedef int T; }

Thus I prepared the below, which in C++11 mode checks the exact requirements above, both for constructors and all the other functions. I had to add handling of BIND_EXPRs to the main conditional of build_constexpr_constructor_member_initializers, otherwise we ICE immediately on something as simple as the snippet above: I think all is fine because we get to the conditional having checked the BIND_EXPR_VARS part with the new checking function. Tested x86_64-linux.



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