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Re: [PATCH] gcc/gcc.c: XNEWVEC enough space for 'saved_suffix' using

On 07/31/2014 11:09 AM, Jeff Law wrote:
> On 07/30/14 16:29, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
>> On Thu, 31 Jul 2014, Chen Gang wrote:
>>> On 07/31/2014 06:12 AM, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
>>>> On Thu, 24 Jul 2014, Chen Gang wrote:
>>>>> strlen() will get string length excluding '\0', but strcpy() will
>>>>> append
>>>>> '\0' in the end, so need XNEWVEC additional byte, or cause memory over
>>>>> flow.
>>>> OK assuming it passed regression testing (with ChangeLog entry as
>>>> usual,
>>>> and you need to say what platform the patch was bootstrapped /
>>>> regression
>>>> tested on).
>>> Excuse me, I only find it by reading source code, not give a test (for
>>> me, this kind of patch welcomes the related test, but not mandatory).
>> I don't believe this particular patch needs a new regression test
>> added to
>> the testsuite.
>> But you still need to meet all the usual patch requirements - run the GCC
>> testsuite before and after the patch, and verify that it does not
>> introduce any new failures, and say what platform you did that testing
>> on.
>> Even "obvious" patches can have non-obvious typos, hence the need to run
>> the testsuite as a sanity check.
> I was going to take care of this for Chen, but keep getting pulled into
> other things.

OK, thank all of you for spending your time resources on it.

This kind of patch is non-urgent, so can only check it when related
members have time, and I shall have a little patient (at least, can wait
2 weeks or more).

Again next, I shall try to finish testsuite within this week end

Chen Gang

Open, share, and attitude like air, water, and life which God blessed

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