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Re: [PATCH] libjava/classpath/native/jni/java-lang/java_lang_VMProcess.c: Be sure 'errbuf' always be zero terminated.

On 07/30/14 09:01, Chen Gang wrote:
Hello All:

I shall stop making this kind of patch, next. The reason is that I worry
about what I have done have negative effect to others. And next, I shall
try to send another kinds of patches for gcc when I have time.

Many persons or companies use open source who never give thanks or
contribution back to open source. But open source (especially,
fundamental software) still provide common contributions to outside.

What I have done is only for contribution back to open source, so I can
understand none-reply from open source (at least, it is not the excuse
to let myself stop). But what I worry about is whether bother others.
I don't think you've have any kind of negative impact. GCC developers tend to be a bit more conservative and try not to change code just for the sake of changing code. Thus we tend to want to have a clearer understanding of why a particular change needs to be made.

It's also the case that we tend to look more closely at patches from relatively new developers simply because we don't have a long history of interactions that have built trust over time.

So, just to be clear, I don't think you're bothering anyone and I would recommend you continue to analyze code and send patches.

And sorry for telling you everything goes to gcc-patches. I often forget there's a separate java patch list -- and more generally for the runtime libraries, we're often a downstream code consumer. Thus a proposed change in some of the runtime libraries may need to be sent to other projects (Classpath is a good example).


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