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Re: [GSoC] type of an isl_ast_expr_id

> OK. I proposed a slightly longer description. With the updated description,
> you can commit this patch.

I've fixed the fixme.

FIXME: We should replace blind conversation of id's type with
derivation of the optimal type when we get the corresponding isl
support. Blindly converting type sizes may be problematic when we
switch to smaller types.

Would you add anything to it?

> That's what I suggested earlier, no? The only thing I would like you to
> check beforehand is if the very same problem still exists with isl trunk.
> For this you need to generate an input file for the 'isl_codegen' tool as it
> comes with isl that allows to reproduce the bug. The very same input file
> can then be submitted to the isl mailing list as a bug report. Could you do
> the reporting (and CC me)?

Yes, I wanted to make sure that the code generated by the isl-0.13 is
also not optimal (I sent you the code generated by isl-0.12.2 before).
The report has been sent to the isl mailing list and CC you.

                                   Cheers, Roman Gareev.

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