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Re: [PATCH, 1 of 5], Add suport for PowerPC IEEE 128-bit floating point

On Fri, Jul 25, 2014 at 09:38:49PM +0000, Joseph S. Myers wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Jul 2014, Michael Meissner wrote:
> > This patch is the machine independent patch for libgcc to add IEEE 128-bit
> > floating point to the PowerPC.
> > 
> > This patch allows the PowerPC port to override the TFtype in quad.h to allow it
> > to use __float128 instead of attribute ((TF)).  On most of the PowerPC systems,
> > TFmode by default is the IBM extended double format.
> > 
> > 2014-07-15  Michael Meissner  <>
> > 
> > 	* soft-fp/quad.h (TFtype): Allow TFmode to be overridden by the
> > 	machine dependent files.
> soft-fp patches need to go in glibc first, with libgcc's soft-fp copy then 
> being updated from glibc.

Yes, but I wanted to make sure the compiler side of things were acceptable
before going down the route.

In this case, I can actually work around it, by defining 'TF' to be 'KF', but
that is ugly.

Michael Meissner, IBM
IBM, M/S 2506R, 550 King Street, Littleton, MA 01460-6245, USA
email:, phone: +1 (978) 899-4797

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