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RE: RE: Re: [MIPS r5900] libgcc floating point fixes

> > > Fixes for high level libraries should also be
> > > high level (dmult vs __FLT_MAX_EXP__); i.e. there should be no change in
> a
> > > different package which is specific for MIPS. The type double should
> stay
> > > double and is handled without a problem when the FPU is 32 bit in ABI
> o32.
> > > The problem is only with the single/double conversion functions and the
> > > n32.
> >
> > I didn't quite follow why you specifically say n32 in the last sentence...
> > What is harder to fix about n32 than o32?
> "-msingle-float" with n32 creates 64 bit FPU instructions like dmtc1 and
> dmfc1. So I can't compile it for r5900. When I disable it, I get internal
> compiler errors.

That certainly seems like a bug. Can you file a bug report for that with
a test case? I'll try and handle it when I next work on the single-float
support in GCC.

Did you manage to get the libgcc patch reworked to be independent of r5900?


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