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Re: [PATCH] gcc/toplev.c: Avoid to close 'asm_out_file' when it is 'stdout'

On 07/23/2014 11:44 AM, Jeff Law wrote:
> On 07/21/14 09:47, Chen Gang wrote:
>> 'asm_out_file' may be 'stdout', so need check this case before close it.
>> Or 'stdout' may be closed -- since need not open 'stdout', either need
>> not close it.
>> ChangLog:
>>    * topleve.c (finalize): Avoid to close 'asm_out_file' when it is
>>    'stdout'.
> What exactly is the problem with closing stdout at this point?  In general, you need to state the problem you're trying to fix with your patch.

Excuse me, I only find it by reading source code, so for me, I didn't
meet the real problem for it, so at least, this patch is not urgent (
although I am not sure whether it is still valuable or not).

At present, I am a newbie, and use 2 ways to learn gcc and binutils.

 - Cross compile the cross compiler with '-W' for linux kernel.
   (If find issues, I shall try to fix them with related members).

 - Reading source code of gcc and binutils, if find some where can be
   improved, and try to send patch for it.

By the way, is there a trivial patch mailing list of gcc? I guess most
of my patches belong to trivial.

Chen Gang

Open share and attitude like air water and life which God blessed

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