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[PATCH 1/3]Improve induction variable elimination

This is a series of three patches improving induction variable elimination.
Currently GCC only eliminates iv for very specific case when the loop’s
latch could run zero times, i.e., when may_be_zero field of loop niter
information evaluates to true.  In fact, it’s so specific that
iv_elimination_compare_lt rarely succeeds during either GCC bootstrap or
spec2000/spec2006 compilation.  Though intrusive data shows these patches
don’t help iv elimination that much for GCC bootstrap, they do capture
5%~15% more eliminations for compiling spec2000/2006.  Detailed numbers are
                  2k/int       2k/fp       2k6/int       2k6/fp
improve ~9.6%      ~4.8%      ~5.5%        ~14.4%

All patches pass bootstrap and regression test on x86_64/x86.  I will
bootstrap and test them on aarch64/arm platforms too.

The first patch turns to tree operand_equal_p to check the number of
iterations in iv_elimination_lt.  Though I think this change isn’t necessary
for current code, it’s needed if we further relax iv elimination for cases
in which sign/unsigned conversion is involved.


2014-07-17  Bin Cheng  <>

	* tree-ssa-loop-ivopts.c (iv_elimination_compare_lt): Check number
	of iteration using tree comparison.

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