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Re: Move DECL_RESULT into function_decl

> On 07/15/2014 11:29 AM, Jan Hubicka wrote:
> >Yep, you are right. I was looking into this, too.  I think dump_ada_template
> >should be moved into C++ FE somehow because it deals with C++ trees.
> >What would be most appropriate way to do so?
> I suppose we could pass a pointer to it into dump_ada_specs like we
> do for cpp_check.

That sounds good.  I will prepare patch and then prepare updated version of the RESULT_DECL
patch - I reused DECL_ATTIBUTES of INSTANCE_METHOD and CLASS_METHOD. It seems to mostly work
except for -Wuninitialized where we access these by accident.  It is not hard to avoid this,
but I think it may be better to turn those into custom decl structures - I plan to get rid of
the ATTIBUTES pointer incrementally too by on-side hash that allows faster attribute
lookups. I also plan to move DECL_SIZE/DECL_SIZE_UNIT into separate datastructure as discussed
with Richard on IRC yesterday.
Basically we can have size descriptors containing size, size unit and mode that are off-tree
with pointers from both types and decls.  This way we will avoid duplicating this info all
the time.

I sadly do not know how to turn Obj-C tree nodes into custom layout because
there are no prior cases in Obj-C FE and there is obj-c++/c/objc/c++ code
sharing that makes this a bit twisty.  Any help would be welcome.

> Jason

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