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Re: [patch] Add libstdc++ type printers for class templates

On 14/07/14 14:11 -0600, Tom Tromey wrote:
Jonathan> I forgot to say that with these type recognizers we might want to
Jonathan> revisit the output of the existing printers for the containers, so
Jonathan> that instead of:
Jonathan>  std::map with 3 elements = { ... }
Jonathan> GDB could print the map type:
Jonathan>  std::map<int, int> with 3 elements = { ... }

I think the reason for the brevity right now is just that, even eliding
the defaults, the type names can get rather long.  It's not absurd
though, just maybe not always desirable.  One possible approach would be
to make a new gdb.Parameter in the libstdc++ code to control it.

I think a parameter would make sense. I can look into that some time.

One part of the patch I wasn't sure about was this, where 'mgr' is a
function pointer:

 func = gdb.block_for_pc(int(mgr.cast(gdb.lookup_type('intptr_t'))))

Is there a better way to get a pc from the function pointer?
I tried simply int(mgr) but it didn't work.

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