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[Patch, Fortran, committed] Fix Fortran bug affecting MinGW-w64, only

64bit Windows is special as "long" is only 32bit wide - while pointers are 64bit and, hence, wider.

Another special code is gfortran's array descriptor. Its "dtype" field is of type ptrdiff_t and it stores the array rank and type in the first 6 bits and uses the remaining size to store the byte size for an array. In case of 32bit systems, one has 32bits - 6 bits = 24 bits (or

There seems to be a single piece of code in gfortran, which assumes that a pointer and long have the same width. Namely, the code which checks that one can squeeze the array-element size together with the data type and the rank into the "dtype" field of the array descriptor, which has the type ptrdiff_t.

For a system with 32bit pointer size (= type precision of size_type_node or for ptrdiff_t), one has 32 bits minus 6 bits = 26 bits space. Thus, a single array element might "only" be 64 mega bytes large. For 64bit pointers, 58 bits remain.

For some odd reason, the code does not use size_type_node or something equivalent but it uses an unsigned long. On 32bit Windows and on Linux, everything is fine. But on 64bit Windows (i.e. MinGW-w64), one tries to squeeze 58 bits into a 32bit pointer â which will cause that gfc_max_array_element_size has the wrong result.

This patch does the obvious: It masks out the required bits on a size_type_node instead.

Committed as obvious as Rev. 212485.

* * *

Unfortunately, that patch does not solve the original problem: On 32bit â and now also on 64 bit â Windows, the array and the trailing "done" is not printed. One has still to investigate why that fails.

Index: gcc/fortran/ChangeLog
--- gcc/fortran/ChangeLog	(Revision 212484)
+++ gcc/fortran/ChangeLog	(Arbeitskopie)
@@ -1,5 +1,11 @@
 2014-07-12  Tobias Burnus  <>
+	PR fortran/61628
+	* trans-types.c (gfc_init_types): Fix data-type bug
+	with gfc_max_array_element_size.
+2014-07-12  Tobias Burnus  <>
 	* libgfortran.h (libcaf_atomic_codes): Add.
 	* trans-decl.c (gfor_fndecl_caf_atomic_def,
 	gfor_fndecl_caf_atomic_ref, gfor_fndecl_caf_atomic_cas,
Index: gcc/fortran/trans-types.c
--- gcc/fortran/trans-types.c	(Revision 212483)
+++ gcc/fortran/trans-types.c	(Arbeitskopie)
@@ -955,9 +955,9 @@ gfc_init_types (void)
   n = TYPE_PRECISION (gfc_array_index_type) - GFC_DTYPE_SIZE_SHIFT;
-    = wide_int_to_tree (long_unsigned_type_node,
+    = wide_int_to_tree (size_type_node,
 			wi::mask (n, UNSIGNED,
-				  TYPE_PRECISION (long_unsigned_type_node)));
+				  TYPE_PRECISION (size_type_node)));
   boolean_type_node = gfc_get_logical_type (gfc_default_logical_kind);
   boolean_true_node = build_int_cst (boolean_type_node, 1);

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