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Re: [patch 1/4] change specific int128 -> generic intN

> which means that the precision of the mode is used to set the size
> of the type, which very likely means that the size of the mode is
> larger.  So the size of the mode will be larger than the size of the
> type, which is a lie.

For partial int modes, the precision and size are the same, and
normally not a power of two.  The assumption that "PSImode is the same
size as SImode" is no longer valid.

> > The code was biting me when TYPE_SIZE was bigger than PSImode, and
> > the code kept choosing SImode instead.
> IMO you're papering over the real issue, which appears to be the
> choice of the mode.  Why does the code choose PSImode instead of
> SImode, if the type and the mode have the same precision (20) and
> size (24)?

PSImode is 20 bits, fits in a 20 bit register, and uses 20 bit operations.

SImode is 32 bits, fits in two 16 bit registers, and uses 32 bit operations.

If a type is 17-20 bits, PSImode is chosen.  If it's 21 bits or
larger, SImode is chosen.  If it's 16 or fewer bits, HImode is chosen.

If you look at part 2 of the patch, you'll see lots of code that
implements this logic, although the change to specify the sizes of
partial int modes has been in for a while.

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