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Re: [PATCH] Fix for PR 61561

On Thu, Jun 19, 2014 at 9:19 PM, Yuri Gribov <> wrote:
>> Thirdly, we also need to fix movhi_bytes (for pre-v4) thumb2_movhi_insn
>> (for thumb2) and, quite possibly, thumb1_movhi_insn (for thumb1).  There
>> may well be additional changes for movqi variants as well.
> A general question: how should one test ARM backend patches? Is it
> enough to regtest ARM and Thumb2 on some modern Cortex? If not - what
> other variants should be tested?

We don't expect everyone to test every single variant as one wouldn't
be able to make forward progress.

1. Cross testing armv7-a / Thumb2 on qemu is acceptable.
2. If you have the resources (now with A15's) bootstrapping and
regression testing on a modern machine would be so much better.
3. Cross test on qemu for older variants that may fail- you could
consider cross testing on just the older variants. Testing on qemu
comes with it's pitfalls, the threaded tests are a joke / the asan
tests continue to randomly fail but in general it gives you a good
enough indication about how badly things maybe broken.
4. Watch out for any regressions / bug reports from folks on bugzilla
/ the mailing lists and deal with any fallout that comes promptly.


> -Y

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