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Re: [PATCH] Generate more efficient memory barriers for LEON3

> The memory barriers generated for SPARC are targeting the weakest memory
> model allowed for SPARC.

That's not quite true, they are targeting the sparc_memory_model, which is the 
memory model selected for the architecture/OS pair by default and which can be 
overridden by the user with -mmemory-model=[default|rmo|pso|tso|sc].

> The LEON3/4 SPARC processors are using a stronger memory model and thus have
> less requirements on the memory barriers.

My understanding is that they use TSO, in which case...

> For LEON3/4, StoreStore is compiler-only, instead of "stbar",

..."stdbar" should never be generated since #StoreStore is implied by TSO.

> and StoreLoad can be achieved with a normal byte write "stb", instead of
> an atomic byte read-write "ldstub".

OK, thanks.  Does this result in a significance performance gain?

> The provided patch changes the previously mentioned memory barriers for

I think that only the membar_storeload_leon3 pattern is necessary.  Couple of 
more nits: the new pattern is not "multi", it's "store" and you need to add:


to the original membar_storeload since TARGET_LEON3 is also TARGET_V8.

Eric Botcazou

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