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Re: [PATCH] Support addsub/subadd as non-isomorphic operations for SLP vectorizer.


> Ping?

>>>>>>>>> While I added the new define_insn_and_split for vec_merge, a bug is
>>>>>>>>> exposed: in config/i386/, [ define_expand "xop_vmfrcz<mode>2" ]
>>>>>>>>> only takes one input, but the corresponding builtin functions have two
>>>>>>>>> inputs, which are shown in i386.c:
>>>>>>>>>  { OPTION_MASK_ISA_XOP, CODE_FOR_xop_vmfrczv4sf2,
>>>>>>>>> "__builtin_ia32_vfrczss",     IX86_BUILTIN_VFRCZSS,     UNKNOWN,
>>>>>>>>> (int)MULTI_ARG_2_SF },
>>>>>>>>>  { OPTION_MASK_ISA_XOP, CODE_FOR_xop_vmfrczv2df2,
>>>>>>>>> "__builtin_ia32_vfrczsd",     IX86_BUILTIN_VFRCZSD,     UNKNOWN,
>>>>>>>>> (int)MULTI_ARG_2_DF },


>>>>>>>> This is PR 56788. Your patch seems strange to me and I don't think it
>>>>>>>> fixes the real issue, but I'll let more knowledgeable people answer.

It is not clear to me what are you pinging. The PR 56788 mentioned
above was fixed some time ago. Please repost the pinged patch to avoid
further confusion.


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