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Re: [PATCH] [ARM] [RFC] Fix longstanding push_minipool_fix ICE (PR49423, lp1296601)

On 30 June 2014 14:26, Richard Earnshaw <> wrote:
> On 30/06/14 13:53, Charles Baylis wrote:
>> I see two options to fix it - one is to teach the back-end to
>> successfully generate code for this insn, and the other is to teach
>> the back-end that such an insn is not valid. My proposed patch does
>> the former. The latter can presumably be achieved by providing a
>> different kind of memory constraint which disallows constant pool
>> references for these insns although I haven't tried this yet.
> I think we should be doing the latter (not permitting these operations).
>  If we wanted to do the former, we could just add an offset range for
> the insn.
> The reason we don't want the former is that the offset ranges are too
> small and overly constrain literal pool placement.

The attached patch adds a 'Uh' constraint, which means the same as
'm', except that literal pool references are not allowed. Patterns
which generate ldr[s]b or ldr[s]h have been updated to use it, and the
pool_range attributes have been removed from those patterns.

Bootstrapped and make-checked with no regressions on qemu for

<date>  Charles Baylis  <>

        PR target/49423
        * config/arm/arm-protos.h (arm_legitimate_address_p,
        arm_is_constant_pool_ref): Add prototypes.
        * config/arm/arm.c (arm_legitimate_address_p): Remove static.
        (arm_is_constant_pool_ref) New function.
        * config/arm/ (unaligned_loadhis, arm_zero_extendhisi2_v6,
        arm_zero_extendqisi2_v6): Use Uh constraint for memory operand.
        (arm_extendhisi2, arm_extendhisi2_v6): Use Uh constraint for memory
        operand and remove pool_range and neg_pool_range attributes.
        (arm_extendqihi_insn, arm_extendqisi, arm_extendqisi_v6): Remove
        pool_range and neg_pool_range attributes.
        * config/arm/ (Uh): New constraint. (Uq): Don't allow
        constant pool references.

OK for trunk?

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