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Re: -fuse-caller-save - Collect register usage information

Re: -Wvariadic-macros does not print warning

[PATCH, libbid]: Fix "variable âQlâ set but not used" warnings

Re: [ PATCH] Extend mode-switching to support toggle (1/2)

Re: [1/6] OpenMP 4.0 C FE support

[4.7] Various backports

RE: [AArch64 05/14] Add AArch64 'prefetch'-pattern.

Re: [AArch64 costs 0/18] Improve address- and rtx-cost models

Re: [AArch64 costs 14/18] Cost comparisons, flag setting operators and IF_THEN_ELSE

[AArch64 costs] Fixup to costing of FNMUL

[AARCH64, PATCH] Fix ICE in aarch64_float_const_representable_p

Re: [AArch64/ARM 2/3] Detect EXT patterns to vec_perm_const, use for EXT intrinsics

Re: [AArch64/ARM 2/3] Recognize shuffle patterns for REV instructions on AArch64, rewrite intrinsics.

Re: [AArch64/ARM 3/3] Add execution tests of ARM EXT intrinsics

Re: [AArch64/ARM 3/3] Add execution tests of ARM ZIP Intrinsics

[AArch64] Fix integer vabs intrinsics

Re: [AArch64] Implement ADD in vector registers for 32-bit scalar values.

Re: [aarch64] Remove aarch64_function_profiler prototype

[AArch64][4.8 backport] Fix default CPU architecture flags

[Ada] Add missing entities to Stand.Tree_Read and Stand.Tree_Write

[Ada] Add usage line for gnatmake switch -d

[Ada] Allow warning tag in pragma Warnings (Off, string)

[Ada] Clearer documentation of -gnatw.g and -gnatyg switches

[Ada] Detect illegal component of dereference of access-to-constant

[Ada] Do not complain about restricted references within defining units

[Ada] Fix -feliminate-unused-debug-types

[Ada] Fix error in classification of restriction warnings

[Ada] Fix error of not diagnosing bad body with non-standard file names

[Ada] Fix ICE on volatile unconstrained array parameter

[Ada] Fix possible overflow in table handling

[Ada] Fix wrong code generated for superflat array

[Ada] Handling of deferred references with nested prefixed calls

[Ada] Implement legality rules for shared volatile variables

[Ada] Implement new restriction No_Fixed_IO

[Ada] Minor cleanup

[Ada] Minor cleanup #2

[Ada] Overriding_Indicators not legal on protected subprogram bodies

[Ada] PR ada/9535 improved consistency of stream primitives for datagram sockets

[Ada] Proper handling of packed array of small record with reverse SSO

[Ada] Reject the use of volatiles in assertion expressions

[Ada] RFA: Add some "missing" integer_one_node conversions

[Ada] Set function_start_locus in gigi

[Ada] Tag restriction warning messages

[Ada] Update SPARK cross references for local packages

[Ada] Warnings on use of uninitialized entities in an instance

[arm-embedded] enable multilib for embedded-4_9-branch

[backport,avr,4.9] Fix typo in avr-mcus.de for built-in macro

[backport,avr,47] Apply fix for PR60991

[build, doc, testsuite] Centralise clearing hardware capabilities with Sun ld

Re: [build, driver] RFC: Support compressed debug sections

[build, lto-plugin] Check for -static-libgcc before use (PR lto/60981)

[buildrobot][patch] picochip: Fix int -> enum machine_mode fallout

[C PATCH] Add location to error_init (PR c/61096)

[C PATCH] Add location to pedwarn_init

Re: [C PATCH] Another locus improvements (PR c/60257)

Re: [C PATCH] Better column info for initializers (PR c/60139)

[C PATCH] Better location info for function parameters (PR c/56724)

[C PATCH] Better locinfo for -Wc++-compat (PR c/61162)

[C PATCH] Don't reject valid code with _Alignas (PR c/61053)

Re: [C PATCH] Fix up diagnostics (PR c/25801)

Re: [C PATCH] Improve warn msg (PR c/43395)

Re: [C PATCH] Make attributes accept enum values (PR c/50459)

Re: [C PATCH] proposal to add new warning -Wsizeof-array-argument

Re: [C PATCH] Quash spurious warnings (PR c/60784)

Re: [C PATCH] remove goto in c_parser_sizeof_expression

Re: [C PATCH] Some c-typeck.c TLC

Re: [C PATCH] Warn about variadic main (PR c/60156)

[C PATCH] Warn for _Alignas + main (PR c/61077)

Re: [C PATCH] Warn if switch has boolean value (PR c/60439)

[C++ Patch/RFC] PR 58582

[C++ Patch/RFC] PR 58753 & 58930


[C++ Patch] Couple of minor fixes

[C++ PATCH] demangler fix

[C++ patch] Enable constructor decloning by default

[C++ patch] Fix c++/PR61133, implement the resolution of DR1760

[C++ Patch] PR 13981 (resend)

[C++ Patch] PR 43453

[C++ Patch] PR 51640

[C++ Patch] PR 57543

[C++ Patch] PR 58664

[C++ Patch] PR 60373

Re: [C++ Patch] PR 60999

[C++ Patch] PR 61080

[C++ Patch] PR 61083

[C++ Patch] PR 61088

[C++ patch] Reduce vtable alignment

[C++ Patch] Small SFINAE fix

[C++ Patch] Use inform in 2 places

[C++11, C++14 PATCH 0/3] Support for SD-6: SG10 Feature Test Recommendations

[C++11, C++14 PATCH 1/3] Support for SD-6: SG10 Feature Test Recommendations - libcpp

[C++11, C++14 PATCH 2/3] Support for SD-6: SG10 Feature Test Recommendations - c-family and testsuite

[C++11, C++14 PATCH 3/3] Support for SD-6: SG10 Feature Test Recommendations - libstdc++

Re: [C++11, C++14 PATCH 0/3] Support for SD-6: SG10 Feature Test Recommendations

[COMMITTED 1/2] Just enumerate all GF_OMP_FOR_KIND_* and GF_OMP_TARGET_KIND_*.

[COMMITTED 2/2] GF_OMP_FOR_SIMD: Flag for SIMD variants of OMP_FOR kinds.

[committed PATCH] Fix bad change in fortran/check.c

[Committed/AARCH64] Fix stack protector for ILP32

[Committed] [PATCH, 1/2] shrink wrap a function with a single loop: copy propagation

[Committed] [PATCH, 2/2] shrink wrap a function with a single loop: split live_edge

Re: [Committed] [PATCH,*/2] shrink wrap a function with a single loop: split live_edge

[committed] Add a mips_isa_rev variable

[COMMITTED] Add myself as maintainer for libitm.

[Committed] Add myself to MAINTAINERS

[committed] Add myself to MAINTAINERS.

[COMMITTED] Be a bit less explicit.

[COMMITTED] Be more explicit.

[COMMITTED] Cosmetic fixes for DEF_FUNCTION_TYPE_* macros.

[committed] Fix reference handling in #pragma omp simd (PR middle-end/61252)

[committed] Fix signed overflow for zext_hwi (..., 63)

[COMMITTED] Fix some bool vs. tree confusion.

[committed] Fix two omp loop issues

[COMMITTED] Make it easier to diff expand_omp_for_* functions.

[committed] PR 61095: tsan fallout from wide-int merge

[committed] PR 61243: Missing copy of CROSSING_JUMP_P

[COMMITTED] Remove duplicated variable initialization.

[COMMITTED] Remove unused, and sort prototypes.

[committed] Suppress INSN_UIDs if flag_dump_unnumbered

[committed] Update config.guess and config.sub

Re: [DOC PATCH] Clarify docs about stmt exprs (PR c/51088)

[DOC PATCH] Describe -fsanitize=float-divide-by-zero

[DOC Patch] Incorrect @xref in #pragma visibility

[DOC Patch] Label attributes

[DOC Patch] Remove reference to deleted macro

Re: [DOC PATCH] Rewrite docs for inline asm

[DOC Patch] symbol rename pragmas

[Fortran, patch, committed] Fix PR61025

[Fortran, Patch] Some prep patches for coarray communication

[Fortran-caf] Extend CAF send test case

[Fortran-caf] Fix stride calculation in libgfortran/caf/single.c

[Fortran-caf] Merge of the trunk into the branch

[Fortran-CAF] Merged trunk into the branch

[fortran-dev] Merge the trunk into the branch

[GCC RFC]A new and simple pass merging paired load store instructions

Re: [gomp4] Add tables generation

[gomp4] Mark __OPENMP_TARGET__ as addressable (was: Offloading patches (2/3): Add tables generation)

[gomp4] Merge trunk r210100 (2014-05-06) into gomp-4_0-branch

[gomp4] Merge trunk r210672 (2014-05-21) into gomp-4_0-branch

[google gcc-4_8] fix lipo ICE

[google gcc-4_8] LIPO: check the incompatibility of use and saved command line

[google gcc-4_8][x86_64]Optimize access to globals in "-fpie -pie" builds with copy relocations

[Google/4-8] Support for user-guided feedback-directed library optimization

[Google/4_8] LIPO COMDAT profile fixups

[Google/4_8] Support for embedding build info into gcda files

[google/gcc-4_8] Add -fskeleton-type-units flag.

[google/gcc-4_9] Force the use of -ggnu-pubnames when using -gsplit-dwarf

[GOOGLE] backport discriminator support from google-4_8 to google-4_9

Re: [GOOGLE] Emit linkage_name when built with -gmlt and for abstract decls

[GOOGLE] get resolved node in walk_polymorphic_call_targets

[GOOGLE] handle TYPE_PACK_EXPANSION in lipo_cmp_type

[GOOGLE] Updates highest_location when updating next_discriminator_location

Re: [GSoC] use obstack in parse_c_expr

Re: [i386] Replace builtins with vector extensions

[jit] Add a soname

[jit] Introduce params_c_finalize

Re: [libcpp] modify undef diagnostic

[libgcc, build] Don't build libgcc-unwind.map with --disable-shared (PR libgcc/61097)

[libstdc++/61227] Support regex like "[\w]"

[linaro/gcc-4_9-branch] Merge from gcc-4_9-branch and backports

[MIPS] Add sbasic supoert ffor MSA (SIMD)

[msp430] add __delay_cycles() builtin

[msp430] fix addneghi and add split

[msp430] no sibcall in testsuite

Re: [PATCH (for next stage 1)] Add return type to gimple function dumps

[PATCH 0/2] Make option-lookup macros explicit

[PATCH 0/3] Compile-time gimple checking v4

[PATCH 0/3] Compile-time gimple checking, without typedefs

[PATCH 0/3] mangler/demangler dogfooding

[PATCH 0/5] Cache recog_op_alt by insn code, take 2

[PATCH 0/5] let gdb reuse gcc'c C compiler

[PATCH 0/7] ipa-prop escape analysis

[PATCH 0/7] Shrink some rtxes

Re: [PATCH 00/89] Compile-time gimple-checking

Re: [PATCH 04/89] Introduce gimple_cond and use it in various places

Re: [PATCH 05/89] Introduce gimple_assign and use it in various places

Re: [PATCH 06/89] Introduce gimple_label and use it in a few places

Re: [PATCH 07/89] Introduce gimple_debug and use it in a few places

Re: [PATCH 08/89] Introduce gimple_phi and use it in various places

Re: [PATCH 09/89] Introduce gimple_phi_iterator

[PATCH 1/1][ira-costs] grammar fix of comments

Re: [PATCH 1/2, x86] Add palignr support for AVX2.

[PATCH 1/2] Handwritten part of introduction of GCC_OPTION macro

Re: [PATCH 1/2] teach mklog to get name / email from git config when available

[PATCH 1/3] Fix demangler testsuite crashes with CP_DEMANGLE_DEBUG defined

[PATCH 1/3] Handwritten part of conversion of "gimple" to "gimple *"

[PATCH 1/3] Handwritten part of conversion of "gimple" to "gimple_stmt *"

[PATCH 1/4] Make coverage_compute_cfg_checksum callable with an argument

[PATCH 1/5] export finish_bitfield_layout from stor-layout

[PATCH 1/5] Flatten recog_op_alt and reorder entries

[PATCH 1/5] rm a bunch of _stat allocation functions

[PATCH 1/7] Add missing documentation of four IPA-CP params

[PATCH 1/7] Fix GTY markup of u2

[PATCH 1/9] rs6000: Clean up the "type" attribute

Re: [PATCH 10/89] Update ssa_prop_visit_phi_fn callbacks to take a gimple_phi

Re: [PATCH 11/89] tree-parloops.c: use gimple_phi in various places

Re: [PATCH 12/89] tree-predcom.c: use gimple_phi in various places

Re: [PATCH 13/89] tree-ssa-phiprop.c: use gimple_phi

Re: [PATCH 14/89] tree-ssa-loop-niter.c: use gimple_phi in a few places

Re: [PATCH 15/89] tree-ssa-loop-manip.c: use gimple_phi in three places

Re: [PATCH 16/89] tree-ssa-loop-ivopts.c: use gimple_phi in a few places

Re: [PATCH 19/89] Const-correctness of gimple_call_builtin_p

Re: [PATCH 2/2, x86] Add palignr support for AVX2.

Re: [PATCH 2/2] allow running mklog as a filter

[PATCH 2/2] Autogenerated part of introduction of GCC_OPTION macro

[PATCH 2/3] Autogenerated part of conversion of "gimple" to "gimple *"

[PATCH 2/3] Autogenerated part of conversion of "gimple" to "gimple_stmt *"

[PATCH 2/3] PR other/61321 - demangler crash on casts in template parameters

[PATCH 2/4] Enhancement of call graph API

[PATCH 2/5] c_diagnostic_ignored_function hack

[PATCH 2/5] Don't modify recog_op_alt after preprocess_constraints

[PATCH 2/5] use templates instead of gengtype for typed allocation functions

[PATCH 2/7] Analyze BBs in DOM order in ipa-prop.c

[PATCH 2/7] Reduce GENERATOR_FILE ifndefs in print-rtl.c

[PATCH 2/9] rs6000: New type attribute value "halfmul"

Re: [PATCH 20/89] Introduce gimple_call

Re: [PATCH 21/89] Introduce gimple_return

[PATCH 3/3] Introduce gimple_switch and use it in various places

[PATCH 3/3] Introduce gswitch and use it in various places

[PATCH 3/3] mangler/demangler dogfooding

[PATCH 3/4] New attribute lookup function addition

[PATCH 3/5] introduce the binding oracle

[PATCH 3/5] Make recog_op_alt consumers check the enabled attribute

[PATCH 3/5] remove unused function

[PATCH 3/7] IPA-CP escape and clobber analysis

[PATCH 3/7] Move ORIGINAL_REGNO to rtx header

[PATCH 3/9] rs6000: Make all multiply instructions one type

Re: [PATCH 31/89] Use subclasses of gimple in various places

Re: [PATCH 32/89] Introduce gimple_try

Re: [PATCH 33/89] Use more concrete types for various gimple statements

Re: [PATCH 34/89] Introduce gimple_omp_atomic_load

Re: [PATCH 35/89] Introduce gimple_omp_atomic_store

Re: [PATCH 36/89] Introduce gimple_omp_continue

Re: [PATCH 37/89] Introduce gimple_omp_critical

Re: [PATCH 38/89] Introduce gimple_omp_for

Re: [PATCH 39/89] Introduce gimple_omp_parallel

[PATCH 4/4] New callgraph wrapper function creation added

[PATCH 4/5] add finalizers to ggc

[PATCH 4/5] add gcc/gdb interface files

[PATCH 4/5] Cache recog_op_alt by insn code: main patch

[PATCH 4/7] Break up determine_known_aggregate_parts

[PATCH 4/7] Move INSN_UID to the rtx header

[PATCH 4/9] rs6000: Make all insert instructions one type

Re: [PATCH 40/89] tree-cfg.c: Make verify_gimple_call require a gimple_call

Re: [PATCH 41/89] Introduce gimple_omp_task

Re: [PATCH 42/89] Introduce gimple_omp_single

Re: [PATCH 43/89] Introduce gimple_omp_target

Re: [PATCH 44/89] Introduce gimple_omp_teams

Re: [PATCH 45/89] Introduce gimple_omp_sections

Re: [PATCH 46/89] tree-parloops.c: Use gimple_phi in various places

Re: [PATCH 47/89] omp-low.c: Use more concrete types of gimple statement for various locals

Re: [PATCH 48/89] Make gimple_phi_arg_def_ptr and gimple_phi_arg_has_location require a gimple_phi

Re: [PATCH 49/89] Make add_phi_arg require a gimple_phi

[PATCH 5/5] add libcc1

[PATCH 5/5] move many members of target_globals out of gc memory

[PATCH 5/5] Reuse recog_op_alt cache in LRA

[PATCH 5/7] Advanced aggregate jump function construction

[PATCH 5/7] Shrink SCRATCH

[PATCH 5/9] rs6000: Make all divide instructions one type

Re: [PATCH 50/89] Make gimple_phi_arg_set_location require a gimple_phi

Re: [PATCH 51/89] Update GRAPHITE to use more concrete gimple statement classes

Re: [PATCH 52/89] Make gimple_phi_arg_edge require a gimple_phi

Re: [PATCH 53/89] More gimple_phi

Re: [PATCH 54/89] Make gimple_call_return_slot_opt_p require a gimple_call.

Re: [PATCH 55/89] Use gimple_call for callgraph edges

Re: [PATCH 56/89] Various gimple to gimple_call conversions in IPA

Re: [PATCH 57/89] Concretize parameter to gimple_call_copy_skip_args

Re: [PATCH 58/89] Make gimple_label_set_label require a gimple_label

Re: [PATCH 59/89] Make gimple_goto_set_dest require a gimple_goto

[PATCH 6/7] Move PAT_VAR_LOCATION_STATUS to rtx header

[PATCH 6/7] Real aggregate contents merge and application of deltas

[PATCH 6/9] rs6000: Make all shift instructions one type

Re: [PATCH 60/89] Concretize gimple_catch_types

Re: [PATCH 61/89] Concretize gimple_call_use_set and gimple_call_clobber_set

Re: [PATCH 62/89] Concretize gimple_label_label

Re: [PATCH 63/89] Concretize gimple_eh_filter_set_types and gimple_eh_filter_set_failure

Re: [PATCH 64/89] Concretize gimple_try_set_catch_is_cleanup

Re: [PATCH 65/89] Concretize three gimple_try_set_ accessors

Re: [PATCH 66/89] Make gimple_phi_arg_location_from_edge require a gimple_phi

Re: [PATCH 67/89] Make gimple_phi_arg_location require a gimple_phi.

Re: [PATCH 68/89] Concretize three gimple_return_ accessors

Re: [PATCH 69/89] Make gimple_cond_set_{true|false}_label require gimple_cond.

[PATCH 7/7] Move SYMBOL_REF_FLAGS to rtx header

[PATCH 7/7] Plug ipa-prop escape analysis into gimple_call_arg_flags

[PATCH 7/9] rs6000: Make all add instructions one type

Re: [PATCH 70/89] Concretize locals within expand_omp_for_init_counts

Re: [PATCH 71/89] Concretize gimple_cond_make_{false|true}

Re: [PATCH 72/89] Concretize gimple_switch_index and gimple_switch_index_ptr

Re: [PATCH 73/89] Concretize gimple_cond_{true|false}_label

Re: [PATCH 74/89] Concretize gimple_cond_set_code

Re: [PATCH 75/89] Concretize gimple_cond_set_{lhs|rhs}

Re: [PATCH 76/89] Concretize gimple_cond_{lhs|rhs}_ptr

Re: [PATCH 77/89] Concretize various expressions from gimple to gimple_cond

Re: [PATCH 78/89] Concretize gimple_call_set_nothrow

Re: [PATCH 79/89] Concretize gimple_call_nothrow_p

[PATCH 8/9] rs6000: Make all logical instructions one type

Re: [PATCH 80/89] Tweak to gimplify_modify_expr

Re: [PATCH 81/89] Concretize gimple_call_set_fn

Re: [PATCH 82/89] Concretize gimple_call_set_fntype

Re: [PATCH 83/89] Concretize gimple_call_set_tail and gimple_call_tail_p

Re: [PATCH 84/89] Concretize gimple_call_arg_flags

Re: [PATCH 85/89] Concretize gimple_assign_nontemporal_move_p

Re: [PATCH 86/89] Concretize gimple_call_copy_flags and ipa_modify_call_arguments

Re: [PATCH 87/89] Use gimple_call in some places within tree-ssa-dom.c

Re: [PATCH 88/89] Use gimple_phi in many more places.

Re: [PATCH 89/89] Convert various gimple to gimple_phi within ssa-iterators.h

[PATCH 9/9] rs6000: Make all rlw*nm and rld*c* type shift

[PATCH AArch64 / testsuite] Add V1DFmode, fixes PR/59843

[PATCH AArch64 0/2] Correct signedness of builtins, remove casts from arm_neon.h

[PATCH AArch64 1/2] Correct signedness of builtins, remove casts from arm_neon.h

[PATCH AArch64 2/2] Correct signedness of builtins, remove casts from arm_neon.h

[PATCH aarch64] aarch64-linux: output .note.GNU-stack

Re: [PATCH AARCH64] One-line tidy of bit-twiddle expression in aarch64.c

[PATCH AArch64] Remove from arm_neon.h functions not in the spec

Re: [Patch ARM 1/3] Neon intrinsics TLC : Replace intrinsics with GNU C implementations where possible.

[Patch ARM/testsuite] Mark pr48329.f90 as unsupported on AArch32

Re: [PATCH ARM] Improve ARM memset inlining


[PATCH ARM] PR/61062 Fix arm_neon.h ZIP/UZP/TRN for bigendian

Re: [PATCH ARM]Handle REG addressing mode in output_move_neon explicitly

[PATCH GCC]Add 'force-dwarf-lexical-blocks' command line option

RE: [PATCH GCC]Fix pr60363 by adding backtraced value of phi arg along jump threading path

Re: [PATCH GCC]Pick up more address lowering cases for ivopt and tree-affine.c

Re: [PATCH i386 5/8] [AVX-512] Extend vectorizer hooks.

[patch i386]: Expand sibling-tail-calls via accumulator register

[patch i386]: Fix sibcall failures caused by allowing constant memories

[patch i386]: Sibcall tail-call improvement and partial fix PR/60104

[patch libgcc]: Fix PR c++/57440

Re: [PATCH Ping v2] Extend -fstack-protector-strong to cover calls with return slot

[patch ping] libstdc++ testsuite cxxflags

[PATCH PING^2] Simplify a VEC_SELECT fed by its own inverse

[PATCH SH] Don't switch mode around fmov (pr61195)

Re: [PATCH SH] Don't switch mode around fmov (pr61195)

[PATCH v2 3/3] mangler/demangler dogfooding

[PATCH v2] Replace C/C++ void_zero_node with a VOID_CST tree code

[PATCH x86_64] Optimize access to globals in "-fpie -pie" builds with copy relocations

[PATCH, 1/2] shrink wrap a function with a single loop: copy propagation

[PATCH, 2/2] shrink wrap a function with a single loop: split live_edge

[PATCH, AArch64] Fix for PR61202

[PATCH, AArch64] Fix macro in vdup_lane_2 test case


[PATCH, AArch64] Use MOVN to generate 64-bit negative immediates where sensible

[PATCH, ADA] Fix current build problems under cygwin

Fwd: [PATCH, alpha]: Fix PR61092, wide-int merge broke alpha bootstrap

[PATCH, ARM, v2] Improve 64 bit division performance

Re: [PATCH, ARM] Enable shrink-wrap for apcs frame

[patch, arm] fix gcc.target/arm/pr45094.c options

[Patch, ARM] Fix pr 61208

Re: [PATCH, ARM] Fix PR60609 (Error: value of 256 too large for field of 1 bytes)

[PATCH, ARM] Fix segfault in thumb1_reorg

Re: Fwd: [PATCH, ARM] Improve 64 bit division performance

[PATCH, ARM] interrupt testcases for shink-wrapping

[patch, avr] ata6289 device ISA is updated

[Patch, avr] Fix PR60991

[patch, avr] handle JUMP_TABLE_DATA

Re: [Patch, avr] Propagate -mrelax gcc driver flag to assembler

Re: [Patch, bfin/c6x] Fix ICE for backends that rely on reorder_loops.

[PATCH, commited] [4.7 Regression] Needless realloc with array constructor.

[PATCH, committed] PR61319 The tests c-c++-common/ubsan/float-cast-overflow-(1|2|4).c fail on x86_64-apple-darwin*

[PATCH, doc]: Fix "POD document had syntax errors at /usr/bin/pod2man line 69." error

[PATCH, doc]: Fix a bunch of warnings in *.texi files

[PATCH, doc]: Improve -free description

[PATCH, Fortan] fix initialization of flag_errno_math and flag_associative_math

[Patch, Fortran, committed] (-fcoarray=lib) Change type of second argument to _gfortran_caf_num_images

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Fix broken link in gfortran.texi

[Patch, Fortran, committed] Update *.texi: Fix broken links and use https where possible

[PATCH, fortran-dev] Fix regexps

[Patch, Fortran] Add support for TS18508's CO_SUM/MAX/MIN (part 1/2)

Re: [Patch, Fortran] Fix an issue with CLASS and -fcoarray=lib on the trunk

[patch, Fortran] Fix PR 60834

[patch, fortran] PR55117 Programs fails to read namelist (contains derived types objects)

[PATCH, Fortran] PR61234: -Wuse-no-only

[Patch, Fortran] Reject OpenMP parallelization for DO CONCURRENT

[Patch, Fortran] Support distance/failed argument with coarray's THIS_IMAGE/NUM_IMAGES

[PATCH, fortran]: Include stdlib.h in intrinsics/getcwd.c

Re: [Patch, GCC/Thumb1] Improve 64bit constant load for Thumb1

[PATCH, i386, Pointer Bounds Checker 10/x] Partitions

[PATCH, i386, Pointer Bounds Checker 11/x] Keep bounds initial values

[PATCH, i386, Pointer Bounds Checker 12/x] Recognize instrumented special functions

Re: [PATCH, i386, Pointer Bounds Checker 2/x] Intel Memory Protection Extensions (MPX) instructions support

[PATCH, i386] Enable fuse-caller-save for i386

[PATCH, i386]: Fix logical 'not' error in x86_rtx_costs (PR 61271)

[PATCH, i386]: Fix PR59952, -march=core-avx2 should not enable RTM

[PATCH, ia64] Remove IA64 speculation tweaking flags

[PATCH, ira] Fix for PR61241

[patch, libfortran] [4.9/4.10 Regression]PR61049 NIST test FM906 fails

[PATCH, libgfortran, committed] Introduce xrealloc, use it

[PATCH, libgfortran, committed] PR 56919 Backport from 4.9 to 4.7/4.8

[patch, libgfortran] [4.9/4.10 Regression] Erroneous "end of file" with internal read

[PATCH, libgfortran] Add overflow check to xmalloc

[PATCH, libgfortran] PR 56981 Flush buffer at record boundaries

[PATCH, libgfortran] PR 61035 Stack overflow in GETCWD

[PATCH, libgfortran] PR 61187 Handle closed std{in,out,err}

[PATCH, libgfortran] PR 61310 CTIME intrinsic output incorrect on MinGW

[patch, libgfortran] PR52539 I/O: Wrong result for UTF-8/UCS-4 list-directed and namelist

Re: [patch, libgfortran] PR52539 I/O: Wrong result for UTF-8/UCS-4 list-directed and namelist

[PATCH, libgfortran] PR60324 Handle arbitrarily long path names

Re: [PATCH, libgfortran] Use -std=gnu11

[PATCH, libgomp doc]: Fix all libgomp.texi warnings

[PATCH, libgomp]: Require vect_simd_clones effective target for libgomp.fortran/declare-simd-[12].f90

[PATCH, libstdc++/61166] overflow when parse number in std::duration operator""

[patch, libstdc++] fix TCL error in abi.exp

[patch, lto] add testcase for PR60179

[patch, mips, commited] Check in obvious patch to fix mips build.

[patch, mips, tree] align microMIPS functions to 16 bits with -Os

[PATCH, MIPS] Fix a couple of target tests for microMIPS

RE: RE: [PATCH, MIPS] Alter default number of single-precision registers

[patch, mips] delete bit-rotten ADJUST_REG_ALLOC_ORDER definition

[patch, mips] fix JALR test in configure.ac

[patch, mips] small -mmicromips testsuite cleanup

[PATCH, nds32] Committed: Enable HONOR_REG_ALLOC_ORDER when optimizing for size.

[patch, nios2] unbreak nios2 build

Re: [PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 1/x] Pointer bounds type and mode

[PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 13/x] Early versioning

[PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 14/x] Pointer Bounds Checker passes

[PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 15/x] Keep instrumented versions

[PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 16/x] Register statically initialized pointers

Re: [PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 3/x] Target hooks for Pointer Bounds Checker

Re: [PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 4/x] Built-in functions

Re: [PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 5/x] Attributes

Re: [PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 6/x] New static constructor types

Re: [PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 7/x] Call/ret ifaces

Re: [PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 8/x] Add varpool node field

Re: [PATCH, Pointer Bounds Checker 9/x] Cgraph extension

RE: [Patch, PR 60158] Generate .fixup sections for .data.rel.ro.local entries.

[PATCH, PR 60897] Clear DECL_LANG_SPECIFIC when creating ISRA clones

[PATCH, PR 61085] Add missing type_preserved check

[PATCH, PR 61090] Pass gsi to build_ref_for_model in sra_modify_expr

[PATCH, PR 61160] Artificial thunks need combined_args_to_skip

[PATCH, PR 61160] IPA-CP and edges leading to thunks of clones

[PATCH, PR 61211] Fix a bug in clone_of_p verification

[PATCH, PR C++/61038] - g++ -E is unusable with UDL strings

[PATCH, PR52252] Alternative way of vectorization for load groups of size 2 and 3.

Re: [PATCH, PR52252] Vectorization for load/store groups of size 3.

Re: [PATCH, PR58066] preferred_stack_boundary update for tls expanded call

[PATCH, PR58942, Cilk+] Fix ICE when pointer is used in array notation

RE: [PATCH, PR60189, Cilk+] Fix for ICE with incorrect Cilk_sync usage

Re: [PATCH, PR60738] More LRA split for regno conflicting with single reg class operand

[PATCH, PR61191, Cilk+] Fix ICE on syntax error

[PATCH, PR61219]: Fix sNaN handling in ARM float to double conversion

[PATCH, rs6000] Commited fix for PR target/61193, HTM intrinsic API incompatibility between Power and S390

[PATCH, RS6000] Fix __builtin_{pack,unpack}_longdouble and __builtin_{pack,unpack}_dec128 builtins

[PATCH, rs6000] Fix HTM __builtin_ttest rtl expansion

[PATCH, rs6000] Use new __builtin_pack_longdouble within libgcc's ibm-ldouble.c

[PATCH, sched]

[PATCH, sched] Cleanup and improve multipass_dfa_lookahead_guard

[PATCH, sched] Fix sched_insn debug counter

[Patch, testsuite, mips] Fix two failing MIPS tests.

[PATCH, testsuite] Fix rs6000 test case pack03.c to use new dg-require-effective-target dfp_hw

[PATCH, testsuite]: Fix "lto.exp does not support ... in secondary source files" warnings

[PATCH, testsuite]: Fix c-c++-common/cilk-plus/AN/pr61191.c dg-error directives.

RE: [PATCH, V2] Fix an AARCH64/ARM performance regression

[PATCH, wwwdocs, AArch64] Document issues with singleton vector types

[patch,arm] Add GCC runtime library exceptions to files that go into libgcc

[patch,avr,committed] Fix build warnings caused by REG_CLASS_CONTENTS

[patch,avr,committed]: Fix build warning for -1 in unsigned int initializers.

[patch,avr] Fix PR61055: Wrong branch instruction after INC, DEC.

[patch,doc,avr] PR61044: Note that label defferences are not supported

[patch,libgcc]: More fixes for PR61152

Re: [Patch,Microblaze]: Added Break Handler Support

[patch,mips] avoid invalid register for JALR

[PATCH/AARCH64] Fix PR 61345: rtx_cost ICEing on simple code

[PATCH/RFC, ARM] Improve static checking of tune_params

[PATCH2/2, PR52252] Vectorization for load/store groups of size 3.

RE: [Patch: RL78] Add support for 64-bit doubles

Re: [PATCH] [ARM] [RFC] Fix longstanding push_minipool_fix ICE (PR49423, lp1296601)

[PATCH] [PING^2] Fix for PR libstdc++/60758

[PATCH] __attribute__ ((malloc)) doc fix (PR other/56955)

Re: [PATCH] A new reload-rewrite pattern recognizer for GCC vectorizer.

Re: [PATCH] aarch64 suuport for libitm

Re: [PATCH] Add a couple of dialect and warning options regarding Objective-C instance variable scope

[PATCH] Add missing -fdump-* options

[patch] add missing export for std::regex_error

Re: [PATCH] Add support for -fno-sanitize-recover and -fsanitize-undefined-trap-on-error (PR sanitizer/60275)

Re: [PATCH] Add support for GNU/Hurd in gnat-4.9

[PATCH] Add support for MIPS r3 and r5

[patch] Adjust target selectors for some libstdc++ tests

[PATCH] AutoFDO patch for trunk

Re: [Patch] Avoid gcc_assert in libgcov

Re: [PATCH] Builtins handling in IVOPT

Re: [PATCH] C++ thunk section names

[patch] c/61271 fix ICE for invalid cilkplus array notation

Re: [PATCH] Change HONOR_REG_ALLOC_ORDER to a marco for C expression

[PATCH] Change PPC64 Linux default to POWER8.

Re: [patch] change specific int128 -> generic intN

[Patch] Change URL in commit emails to https

[patch] check that sys/sdt.h can be used with the target

[PATCH] Clean up and extend VRP edge-assertion code

[PATCH] Clean up shrink-wrapping codes

[PATCH] config-list.mk: `show' target to show all considered targets

[PATCH] copyprop_hardreg_forward needs to check HARD_REGNO_CALL_PART_CLOBBERED

[PATCH] cplus-demangler, free resource after a failed call to gnu_special.

[PATCH] Delete temporary string within demangler even in failure cases.

[PATCH] demangler, only access valid fields for DEMANGLE_COMPONENT_FIXED_TYPE.

[PATCH] Describe Wsizeof-pointer-memaccess in c.opt

Re: [PATCH] Detect a pack-unpack pattern in GCC vectorizer and optimize it.

[PATCH] Disable -ftree-loop-distribute-patterns for -ffreestanding, PR56888

[PATCH] Disable unroll loop that has header count less than iteration count.

[PATCH] Do not build libsanitizer also for powerpc*-*-linux*

[PATCH] document -flto-partition=[n]one

[PATCH] dump_case_nodes: Treat unsigned as unsigned, don't ICE

[PATCH] Dumping Fields of A Class When -fdump-class-hierarchy

[PATCH] Enable Java on Cygwin-64

[PATCH] Ensure count_scale is no larger than REG_BR_PROB_BASE

[PATCH] Error for invalid args to -fsanitize (PR driver/61065)

[PATCH] Fix (X >> C1) & C2 folding (PR tree-optimization/61158)

Re: [Patch] Fix a typo in Chinese msg

[PATCH] Fix an AARCH64/ARM performance regression

Re: [PATCH] Fix ARM NAN fraction bits

[PATCH] Fix build failure in libcpp (PR c/61212)

[PATCH] Fix cgraph dumping bug

Re: [Patch] Fix crtstuff.c compilation with mingw build.

[PATCH] Fix float-cast test (PR testsuite/61319)

Re: [PATCH] Fix GDB PR15559 (inferior calls using "thiscall" calling convention)

[patch] Fix generation of libstdc++ API docs with Doxygen

[PATCH] Fix HWI AIX breakage

[PATCH] Fix ICE in rtl-optimization/PR61220, PR61225

[patch] fix impliedness of -Wunused-parameter depending on -Wexta option ordering

[PATCH] Fix issue in uninit analysis (PR middle-end/61112)

[patch] fix libstdc++/59476 - pretty printers

[PATCH] Fix LTO decimal ICE

Re: [PATCH] Fix more typos in error messages

Re: [PATCH] Fix omp declare simd cloning (PR tree-optimization/60823)

[PATCH] Fix one testcase from PR61194

[patch] Fix over-optimization of calls to pure function

[PATCH] Fix oversight in call gimplification

Re: [patch] fix ppc spe bootstrap error in dwf_regno

[PATCH] Fix PR 60866

[PATCH] Fix PR 60901

[PATCH] Fix PR 61225

[PATCH] Fix PR c++/59366 A friend function template defined in a class is found without ADL

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR c++/60463, PR c++/60755 Incorrect discard of const qualifier

Re: [PATCH] Fix PR c++/60994 gcc does not recognize hidden/shadowed enumeration as valid nested-name-specifier

[PATCH] Fix PR middle-end/61141

[PATCH] Fix PR rtl-optimization/61278

[PATCH] Fix PR39246: -Wuninitialized for partially initialized complex

RE: [PATCH] Fix PR54733 Optimize endian independent load/store

[PATCH] Fix PR60973

[PATCH] Fix PR61045

[PATCH] Fix PR61070

[PATCH] Fix PR61209

[PATCH] Fix PR61221

[PATCH] Fix PR61266

[PATCH] Fix PR61335

[PATCH] Fix primitive wi::int_traits

[patch] fix recent libstdc++ test failures

[PATCH] Fix regexp in gfortran.dg/bind_c_array_params_2.f90

[patch] fix some comments in libstdc++ files

[patch] fix tests for AVX512

[PATCH] Fix ubsan ICE on invalid (PR sanitizer/61272)

Re: [PATCH] Fix uninitialised variable warning in tree-ssa-loop-ivcanon.c


[PATCH] Fix up ix86_expand_set_or_movmem (PR target/61060)

[patch] Fix warning in dragonflybsd locale

[PATCH] Fortran OpenMP 4.0 support, part 1

Re: [patch] gcc fstack-protector-explicit

[PATCH] gengtype: Support explicit pointers in template arguments

Re: [PATCH] Handle more COMDAT profiling issues

[PATCH] Implement -fsanitize=float-cast-overflow

Re: [PATCH] Implement -fsanitize=float-cast-overflow (take 2)

[PATCH] Implement -fsanitize=float-cast-overflow (take 3)

Re: [PATCH] Implement -fsanitize=float-divide-by-zero

[PATCH] Improve and simplify VN expression combining

[PATCH] Inline asm asan instrumentation

[PATCH] Install sanitizer public headers (fix for PR sanitizer/61100)

[PATCH] Keep patch file permissions in mklog

[PATCH] Less noisy VRP dump, improve copy handling

[PATCH] libcpp: Replace some macro usage with C++ constructs

[patch] libstdc++/13860 enforce requirements on traits

[patch] libstdc++/57394 - copy operations for basic_streambuf

[patch] libstdc++/60326 make_signed/make_unsigned for wide char types

[patch] libstdc++/60497 (again) - qualify more calls

[patch] libstdc++/60497 again - more std::get qualification

[patch] libstdc++/60793 Add *-*-dragonfly* to testsuite target selectors

[patch] libstdc++/60966 fix synchronisation in std::promise

[patch] libstdc++/61011 fix --disable-libstdcxx in top-level configure

[patch] libstdc++/61023 - copy comparison functor in RB tree move assignment

[patch] libstdc++/61036 - fix dumb typo in shared_ptr

[patch] libstdc++/61086 - fix ubsan errors in std::vector

[patch] libstdc++/61117 FAQ should use "free software"

[patch] libstdc++/61143 make unordered containers usable after move

[patch] libstdc++/61269 fix <type_traits> for clang

[patch] libstdc++/61329 Add missing 'inline' in regex debug functions

[PATCH] m68k: add missing early clobber in beq0_di, bne0_di patterns

Re: [PATCH] Make ipa-prop analyze BBs in DOM order

[PATCH] Make SCCVN constant-fold calls

Re: [patch] make the libstdc++ pretty printers compatible with both Python 2 and Python3

[Patch] Minor cleanup for the gfortran test suite.

[Patch] Minor fixes for regtesting gfortran with -flto

[patch] Minor improvement to fold_unary_loc

[PATCH] Move shared attributes to common location

Re: [PATCH] offline gcda profile processing tool

[patch] Partially fix PR debug/53927

Re: [PATCH] pedantic warning behavior when casting void* to ptr-to-func, 4.8 and 4.9

[PATCH] PR 41936 Memory leakage with allocatables and user-defined operators

[PATCH] PR 61249: fix documentation of __builtin_ia32_{vfrczss,vfrczsd,mpsadbw256}

[patch] PR debug/61013: Change -g so that it will override -g1 but not -g3

Re: [PATCH] PR60822 (m68k, missing earlyclobber in extendplussidi)

[PATCH] proposed fix for bug # 61144

[PATCH] Provide inlining context in strict-overflow warnings

Re: [PATCH] Redesign jump threading profile updates

[PATCH] Regression fix for PR target/61223

Re: [PATCH] Remove "keep_aligning" from get_inner_reference

[PATCH] Remove now unnecessary bailout from split_live_ranges_for_shrink_wrap

[PATCH] Remove old pointer conversion special-case

[patch] Remove shadow variable

[PATCH] Remove TODO_verify_ssa, TODO_verify_flow, TODO_verify_stmts and TODO_verify_rtl_sharing

[PATCH] Remove tree-ssa-propagate vectors out of GC space

[PATCH] Revert HWI printing change

[PATCH] rs6000: New attributes for load/store: "sign_extend", "update" and "indexed"

[PATCH] rs6000: Remove now unused predicate update_indexed_address_mem

Re: [PATCH] RTEMS thread model configuration

[PATCH] RTEMS: Adjust SPARC multilibs

Re: [patch] Shorten Windows path

Re: [Patch] Simple change to include/longlong.h to quiet warnings.

[patch] Simplify std::tuple helpers and fix C++14 bug.

[patch] Small enhancement to associate_plusminus

[PATCH] Support asan-instrumentation-with-call-threshold in GCC

Re: [PATCH] testsuite: Register loaded libs

[PATCH] Tidy SCCVN dump

[PATCH] Try harder for conditional evaluation in VRP

Re: [PATCH] Try to coalesce for unary and binary ops

Re: [PATCH] Typofixes and a trivial change

[PATCH] Update bb count and freq when merging two blocks

[patch] Update catch(...) handlers to deal with __forced_unwind

[patch] Update email address in docs

[PATCH] Update libstdc++ baseline symbols for ia64

[PATCH] Updates merged bb count

[PATCH] Use -ggnu-pubnames with -gsplit-dwarf

[PATCH] Use direct computation to calculate fallthrough edge count.

[PATCH] Use optimize_function_for_size_p to assign register frequency

[patch] Use Python3 raise syntax in printers

[PATCH] VRP: simplify assert location check

[patch] VxWorks configuration adjustments for powerpc 8548 (e500v2)

[PATCH] Warn on and fold NULL checks against inline functions

[PATCH] Windows libiberty: Don't quote args unnecessarily (v2)

[PATCH] Windows libibery: Don't quote args unnecessarily

Re: [PATCH], RFC, add support for __float128/__ibm128 types on PowerPC

Re: [PATCH], RFC, add support for __float128/__ibm128 types on PowerPC

[PATCH]: fix pr61111 Fixed width of mask.

RE: [PATCH][1/3] Fix PR54733 Optimize endian independent load/store

[PATCH][1/n] Always-64bit HWI cleanups

[PATCH][1/n] Fix PR61034

[PATCH][1/n][RFC] Make FRE/PRE somewhat predicate aware

RE: [PATCH][2/3] Fix PR54733 Optimize endian independent load/store

[PATCH][2/n] Always 64bit-HWI cleanups

RE: [PATCH][3/4] Fix PR54733 Optimize endian independent load/store

[PATCH][3/n] Always 64bit-HWI cleanups (drop HOST_WIDEST_INT)

[PATCH][3/n] Make TODO_verify_il handle TODO_verify_flow_info

[PATCH][4.7] Fix PR57864

[PATCH][4/4] Always 64bit-HWI cleanups

[PATCH][4/4] Fix PR54733 Optimize endian independent load/store

[PATCH][4/n] Handle TODO_verify_rtl_sharing from TODO_verify_il

Re: [PATCH][AARCH64] Support tail indirect function call

[PATCH][AARCH64]Support full addressing modes for ldr/str in vectorization scenarios

[PATCH][ARM] Adjust arith_shiftsi for ARMv8-style

RE: [PATCH][ARM] FAIL: gcc.target/arm/pr58041.c scan-assembler ldrb

Re: [PATCH][ARM] Handle simple SImode PLUS and MINUS operations in rtx costs

[PATCH][ARM] Remove unused vtrn, vzip, vuzp NEON builtins

[PATCH][ARM] Use mov_imm type for movw operations consistently

[PATCH][ARM] Vectorize bswap[16,32,64] operations

[PATCH][ARM][committed] Use enum name for PARAM_SCHED_PRESSURE_ALGORITHM

[PATCH][buildrobot] AVR: Fix warning for unused argument

Re: [PATCH][C++] Fix PR61004

[PATCH][C-family] Fix PR61184

Re: [PATCH][IRA] Analysis of register usage of functions for usage by IRA.

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Fix call handling

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Fix missed constant folding / operand canonicalization

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] match-and-simplify from fold_stmt

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Provide parsing error locations

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Reject outermost captures

[PATCH][match-and-simplify] Support re-simplification of two-arg builtins

[PATCH][MIPS] Implement O32 FPXX ABI (GCC)

RE: [PATCH][MIPS] P5600 scheduling

Re: [PATCH][RFC] Always require a 64bit HWI

[PATCH][RFC] Handle realloc in PTA and alias analysis

[PATCH][RFC] Make FRE/PRE apply copy/constant propagation

Re: [PATCH][RFC] Remove RTL loop unswitching

[PATCH][x86] Support clflushopt, xsaves, xsavec.

Re: [PATCHv2/AARCH64 3/3] Support ILP32 multi-lib

Re: [PING*2][PATCH] Extend mode-switching to support toggle (1/2)

[PING] -fuse-caller-save - Collect register usage information

[Ping] [C++ Patch] PR 60373

[PING] [PATCH, ARM] Enable shrink-wrap for apcs frame

[PING] [PATCH, wwwdocs, AArch64] Document issues with singleton vector types

[ping] [PATCH] config-list.mk: `show' target to show all considered targets

[Ping] [PATCH] Fix PR 61225

Re: [PING] Add const char* constructors for exception classes in <stdexcept>

[ping] Re: [PATCH] dump_case_nodes: Treat unsigned as unsigned, don't ICE

Re: [PING] Re: Add const char* constructors for exception classes in <stdexcept>

Re: [PING][ARM] Handle simple SImode PLUS and MINUS operations in rtx costs

[PING][RFC][PATCH] RL78 - Add predicates to reduce code bloat when accessing volatile memory.

Re: [PING][RFC][PATCH] RL78 - Add predicates to reduce code bloat when accessing volatile memory.

[PING^2] [PATCH, wwwdocs, AArch64] Document issues with singleton vector types

[PR tree-optimization/61009] Do not use a block as a joiner if it is too big for threading

Re: [RFA/dwarf v2] Add DW_AT_GNAT_use_descriptive_type flag for Ada units.

[RFC ARM] Error if overriding --with-tune by --with-cpu

[RFC] Add patch for debugging compiler ICEs

[RFC] HOST_WIDE_INT transition steps

[RFC] optimize x - y cmp 0 with undefined overflow

Re: [RFC] Using function clones for Pointer Bounds Checker





[RFC][AArch64] Remove CORE_REGS form reg_class

Re: [RFC][AArch64] Remove CORE_REGS form reg_class



Re: Fwd: [RFC][gomp4] Offloading patches (2/3): Add tables generation

[RFC][Patch, Fortran] Handle vector subscripts with CO_SUM/CO_MIN/CO_MAX

Re: [RFC][PATCH][MIPS] Patch to enable LRA for MIPS backend

Re: [RFC][PING^2] Do not consider volatile asms as optimization barriers #1

[RS6000] Fix PR61098, Poor code setting count register

[RS6000] PR60737, expand_block_clear uses word stores

[RS6000] PR61231 lwa_operand related fix

[RS6000] PR61300 K&R incoming args

[rx] New interrupt/vector attributes

[SH, committeð] PR 60884 - reduce code size of inlined strlen

[SH, committed] add missing function* argument in sh_optimize_sett_clrt::execute

[SH, committed] Adjust default branch cost

[SH, committed] Fix formatting in sh-mem.cc

[SH, committed] Fix PR 61026 sh-*-* Fails to Compile on FreeBSD

[SH, committed] Fix some failing PR 51244 tests

[SH, committed] Fix some failing PR 54089 tests

[SH, committed] PR 54236 add another addc case

[SH, committed] Relax PR 51244-14 test case

Re: [SPARC] Implement workaround for new FPU erratum on LEON3

[testsuite] Centralise clearing hardware capabilities with Sun ld

[v3] Mini-tweak to acinclude.m4

Re: [v3] Slightly improve operator new

Re: [wide-int 3/8] Add and use udiv_ceil

Re: [wide-int] Add fast path for hosts with HWI widening multiplication

[wide-int] Add more assertions

[wide-int] Fix some division cases

[wide-int] Handle zero-precision INTEGER_CSTs again

[wide-int] out-of-range set_bit in java

[wwwdocs] Buildstat update for 4.9

[wwwdocs] Fix svn.html

Re: aarch64 build broken

Add a lto-section-names.h header

Add a new test

Add AArch64 to backends.html

Re: Add call_fusage_contains_non_callee_clobbers hook

add dbgcnt and opt-info support for devirtualization

Add flag to optionally ignore ELF interposition

Add wide-int reviewers

AIX build broken by IPA changes

another patch for PR60969

arc: Fix typo, really

arc: Fix warning about redefinition of TARGET_LRA_P

Re: atomic update of profile counters (issue7000044)

AutoFDO profile toolchain is open-sourced

Avoiding some garbage rtl from instantiate_virtual_regs

avx runtime check

Breakage with [PATCH, libgfortran] PR60324 Handle arbitrarily long path names

Broken link

Build problems on arm-linux-gnueabihf

C++ PATCH for c++/56947

C++ PATCH for c++/58761 (lambda 'this' capture in NSDMI)

C++ PATCH for c++/60019 / CWG 5 (copy-initialization of cv-qualified object)

C++ PATCH for c++/60992 (lambda and constant variable)

C++ PATCH for c++/61151 (ICE with nested lambda in template)

C++ PATCH for c++/61242 (nested list-init)

C++ PATCH to catch array of array of unknown bound in template

C++ PATCH to convert_like_real diagnostics

C++ PATCH to vague_linkage_p

C++ PATCHes for conditional operator issues

C++ PATCHes to improve overload resolution diagnostics


Re: calloc = malloc + memset

can_refer_decl_in_current_unit_p TLC

Re: Changes for if-convert to recognize simple conditional reduction.

Commit: MSP430: Add spaces after options inserted by ASM_SPEC

Commit: MSP430: Built libgcc with hardware multiply disabled

Commit: MSP430: Fix gcc.c-torture/execute/20050826-2.c

Commit: MSP430: Fix some gcc testsuite failures

Committed, MMIX: Another target apologist blurb in gcc.c-torture/execute/20101011-1.c

Committed, testsuite: Add MMIX logical_op_short_circuit targets.

Committed: [PATCH 19/89] Const-correctness of gimple_call_builtin_p

Re: config-ml.in: Robustify ac_configure_args parsing.

Re: Contributing new gcc targets: i386-*-dragonfly and x86-64-*-dragonfly

Create a library for tools like collect2 and lto-wrapper (1/2)

Create a library for tools like collect2 and lto-wrapper (2/2)

Re: Darwin bootstrap failure following wide int merge

Darwin bootstrap failure following wide int merge (was: we are starting the wide int merge)

Re: debug container patch

detecting "container overflow" bugs in std::vector

Don't copy constants in build_constant_desc

Don't dump low gimple functions in gimple dump

Eliminate write-only variables

Re: emit __float128 typeinfo

fallout on x86-64 from the wide-int merge.

Fix a function decl in gfortran

Fix AIX bootstrap failure

Fix an error in a change from 2009

Fix broken graph dump

fix fortran 0 lengthed arrays

Fix gcse leak

Fix libgo build

Fix old bug in div_and_round_double

Fix PR ipa/60965 (placement new wrt ipa-devirt)

Fix remove_unreachable_nodes wrt comdat locals


Re: Fix various x86 tests for --with-arch=bdver3 --with-cpu=bdver3

GCC 4.8.3 Status Report (2014-05-05)

GCC 4.8.3 Status Report, branch frozen for release (2014-05-15)

Re: GCC's -fsplit-stack disturbing Mach's vm_allocate

genattrtab error reporting

Go patch committed: Fix bug in embedded method handling

Go patch committed: Handle recursive pointer types in indirection

Go patch committed: Store flags for division checks in Gogo object

Go patch committed: Use backend interface for array length

Go patch committed: Use backend interface for bound method expressions

Go patch committed: Use backend interface for error detection

Go patch committed: Use backend interface for expressions

Go patch committed: Use backend interface for heap expressions

Go patch committed: Use backend interface for set-and-use temps

Go patch committed: Use backend interface for sink expressions

Go patch committed: Use backend interface for slice construction

Go patch committed: Use backend interface for struct field offsets

Go patch committed: Use backend interface for type info expressions

gphi_iterator? (was Re: [PATCH 09/89] Introduce gimple_phi_iterator)

Hurd port for gcc go PATCH 0-3 (9)

Hurd port for gcc go PATCH 4-6 (9)

Hurd port for gcc go PATCH 7-9 (9)

Impact of gimple renamings on reviews (was Re: [PATCH 16/89] tree-ssa-loop-ivopts.c: use gimple_phi in a few places)

ipa-visibility TLC 1/n: move to separate file

ipa-visibility TLC 2/n

iq2000-elf: wide-int fallout (was: we are starting the wide int merge)

libbacktrace patch committed: Fixes for large binaries

libgo patch committed: Add --without-libatomic configure option

libgo patch committed: Avoid unused result warning

libgo patch committed: Define CLONE flags in syscall package

libgo patch committed: Define more TIOC constants

libgo patch committed: Make libgo C code more portable

libgo patch committed: Use $GOC for compiler characteristics

libgo patch committed: Use _mm_pause rather than __builtin_ia32_pause

libgo patch committed: Work around LLVM split-stack deficiency

libsanitizer merge from upstream r208536

libstdc++ automake version

Localize symbols used only from comdat groups

Re: lto-plugin: mismatch between ld's architecture and GCC's configure --host

Make check_effective_target_vect_sizes_32B_16B handle -mprefer-avx128

Make sure that all insn codes are in (0, LAST_INSN_CODE)

Make the Blackfin port build again

Mark ARM/aarch64-branch as defunct

Mark more constants readonly

Merge from GCC 4.9 branch to gccgo branch

Minor tweaks

New Chinese (simplified) PO file for 'gcc' (version 4.9-b20140202)

FWD: Re: OpenACC subarray specifications in the GCC Fortran front end

OpenMP target update tests

Re: Optimize n?rotate(x,n):x

Patch RFA: Move x86 _mm_pause out of pragma target("sse") scope

patch to add test for PR61215

patch to fix PR60969

patch to fix PR61215

patch to fix PR61325

patch1.diff updated + test results Was: Re: GCC's -fsplit-stack disturbing Mach's vm_allocate

Re: patch8.diff updated Was: Re: GCC's -fsplit-stack disturbing Mach's vm_allocate

Re: patch8.diff updated Was: Re: GCC's -fsplit-stack disturbing Mach's vm_allocate

Ping #1: [patch,arm] Add GCC runtime library exceptions to files that go into libgcc

Ping [patch, toplevel] configure nios2-elf libraries to build with -mno-gpopt

PING [Patch] Minor fixes for regtesting gfortran with -flto

Ping x 5: [PATCH] [libgomp] make it possible to use OMP on both sides of a fork

Re: Ping2: [PATCH] PR debug/16063. Add DW_AT_type to DW_TAG_enumeration.

Ping3: [PATCH] PR debug/16063. Add DW_AT_type to DW_TAG_enumeration.

Ping4: [PATCH] PR debug/16063. Add DW_AT_type to DW_TAG_enumeration.

Re: PING: PATCH [4/n]: Prepare x32: Permute the conversion and addition if one operand is a constant

Ping: RFA: speeding up dg-extract-results.sh

Ping^2 [patch, toplevel] configure nios2-elf libraries to build with -mno-gpopt

PR 61084: SPARC fallout from wide-int merge

PR 61084: Use widest_int in sparc_fold_builtin

PR 61136: wide-int fallout in int_const_binop_1

PR 61210: recursive template substitution depending on system compiler

PR 61222: noncanonical constant in simplify_shift_const_1

PR lto/61012 (ICE on undefined symbol)

PR61140: check the phi is unique in value_replacement

profile mode maintenance patch

Pushed with obvious fix: Re: [AArch64/ARM 3/3] Add execution tests of ARM TRN Intrinsics

Regression with "Fix PR ipa/60965 (placement new wrt ipa-devirt)"

Re: Reload codegen improvement

Replace C/C++ void_zero_node with a VOID_CST tree code

Replace REG_CROSSING_JUMP with an rtx flag

Require '%' to be at the beginning of a constraint string

RFA: A couple of ira_get_dup_out_num fixes

RFA: cache enabled attribute by insn code

RFA: cache recog_op_alt by insn code

RFA: Fix calculation of size of builtin setjmp buffer

RFA: Fix possible typo in lto-cgraph.c

Re: RFA: Fix PR rtl-optimization/60651

RFA: Fix type incompatibility in get_addr_base_and_unit_offset_1

RFA: More uses of wi:: instead of const_binop


Re: RFA: speeding up dg-extract-results.sh

Re: RFA: Testsuite PATCH to add support for dlopen tests

RFC: Faster for_each_rtx-like iterators

Robustify gnat.dg/aliasing1.adb

Re: RTABI half-precision conversion functions (ping)

run dsymutil post lto

Script for generating libstdc++ web docs for releases

Silence devirt-11.C testcase on GCC 4.9

strengthen protection against REG_EQUIV/EQUAL on !REG set


Re: Unreviewed Patch

Use resolution info to get rid of weak symbols

UTItype fallout (was: wide-int fallout)

Warning flags for compatibility with clang.

we are starting the wide int merge

Re: wide-int, ada

Re: wide-int, rtl-2

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