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Re: RFA: cache enabled attribute by insn code


Commits 210964 and 210965 for this patch have broken GCC build on arm* targets.
For instance on target arm-none-linux-gnueabi, when creating
unwind-arm.o, I can see:
0x8e3bcd process_insn_for_elimination
0x8e3bcd lra_eliminate(bool, bool)
0x8dd753 lra_constraints(bool)
0x8cdc1a lra(_IO_FILE*)
0x8911f8 do_reload
0x891508 execute
Please submit a full bug report,

On 23 May 2014 20:19, Jeff Law <> wrote:
> On 05/20/14 15:36, Richard Sandiford wrote:
>>> This is OK for the trunk (referring to the follow-up message which fixed
>> Sorry, while working on the follow-up LRA patch, I realised I hadn't
>> accounted for target changes that happen directly via target_reinit
>> (rather than SWITCHABLE_TARGETS) and cases where reinit_regs is called
>> to change just the register information.  Both could potentially affect
>> the enabled attribute.
>> This version adds a recog_init function that clears the data if necessary.
>> There are no other changes from first time.  Is this still OK?
> Thanks for letting me know, that's a minor twiddle -- the patch is still OK.
> Jeff

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