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Re: we are starting the wide int merge

Gerald Pfeifer <> writes:
> On Sat, 17 May 2014, Richard Sandiford wrote:
>> To rule out one possibility: which GCC are you using for stage1?
> I think that may the smoking gun.  When I use GCC 4.7 to bootstrap,
> FreeBSD 8, 9 and 10 all build fine on i386 (= i486) and amd64.
> When I use the system compiler, which is GCC 4.2 on FreeBSD 8 and 9
> and clang on FreeBSD 10, things fail on FreeBSD 10...
> ...with a bootstrap comparison failure of stages 2 and 3 on i386:

Do you get exactly the same comparison failures using clang and GCC 4.2
as the stage1 compiler?  That would rule out the system compiler
miscompiling stage1.

> In file included from .././../gcc-4.10-20140518/gcc/xcoffout.c:29:
> .././../gcc-4.10-20140518/gcc/tree.h:4576:3: warning: extraneous template 
> parameter list in template specialization
>   template <>
>   ^~~~~~~~~~~

Oops, fixed below, applied as obvious.

> .././../gcc-4.10-20140518/gcc/ error: invalid use of a 
> cast in a inline asm context requiring an l-value: remove the cast or 
> build with -fheinous-gnu-extensions
>           umul_ppmm (val[1], val[0], op1.ulow (), op2.ulow ());
>           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This is PR 61146.  You can get around it by adding -fheinous-gnu-extensions

> This means this clang-based system is not able to bootstrap GCC trunk
> on amd64.
> Perhaps looking into this first may affect the failure on i486?

'Fraid it won't help.  We don't use umul_ppmm (or even include
longlong.h) for 486.


	* tree.h: Remove extraneous template <>.

Index: gcc/tree.h
--- gcc/tree.h	2014-05-19 07:45:30.378667987 +0100
+++ gcc/tree.h	2014-05-19 07:46:07.364991104 +0100
@@ -4573,7 +4573,6 @@ #define ANON_AGGRNAME_FORMAT "__anon_%d"
     unsigned int get_len () const;
-  template <>
   template <int N>
   struct int_traits <extended_tree <N> >

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