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[SH, committed] Adjust default branch cost


I've noticed that on e.g. SH2 and SH2A it seems to be better to set the
branch cost = 2, as it is done for the SH4 variants.  This results in
overall slightly smaller code (according to CSiBE) and better
utilization of the various T bit patterns.

Tested on rev 210305 with
 make -k check RUNTESTFLAGS="--target_board=sh-sim

and no new failures.
Committed as rev 210534.


	* config/sh/sh.c (sh_option_override): Set branch cost to 2 for all
	target variants.

Index: gcc/config/sh/sh.c
--- gcc/config/sh/sh.c	(revision 210301)
+++ gcc/config/sh/sh.c	(working copy)
@@ -904,15 +904,16 @@
     sh_divsi3_libfunc = "__sdivsi3_1";
     sh_divsi3_libfunc = "__sdivsi3";
   if (sh_branch_cost == -1)
-      sh_branch_cost = 1;
       /*  The SH1 does not have delay slots, hence we get a pipeline stall
 	  at every branch.  The SH4 is superscalar, so the single delay slot
-	  is not sufficient to keep both pipelines filled.  */
-      if (! TARGET_SH2 || TARGET_HARD_SH4)
-	sh_branch_cost = 2;
+	  is not sufficient to keep both pipelines filled.
+	  In any case, set the default branch cost to '2', as it results in
+	  slightly overall smaller code and also enables some if conversions
+	  that are required for matching special T bit related insns.  */
+      sh_branch_cost = 2;
   /* Set -mzdcbranch for SH4 / SH4A if not otherwise specified by the user.  */

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