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Re: [Patch] Add missing profile updates to jump threading code

On 09/30/13 13:07, Jeff Law wrote:
On 09/30/13 12:52, Teresa Johnson wrote:
The jump threading handling in the case of a joiner block was not
profile information (it was being updated in the non-joiner case). Added
profile updates for the joiner case, in one place by commoning the
handling between the joiner and non-joiner cases.

Bootstrapped and tested on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu. Ok for trunk?


2013-09-30  Teresa Johnson  <>

         * tree-ssa-threadupdate.c (ssa_fix_duplicate_block_edges):
         Update redirected out edge count in joiner case.
         (ssa_redirect_edges): Common the joiner and non-joiner cases
         so that joiner case gets profile updates.

         * testsuite/gcc.dg/tree-ssa/ssa-dom-thread-3.c (expand_one_var):
         Update for additional dump message.
Thanks for the fix & cleanup.  OK for the trunk.
BTW, I'm going to go ahead and check this in -- it's conflicts with a patch that I was trying to wrap up today...


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