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Re: [PATCH v4 04/20] add configury

Gerald> And looking at the code, I see
Gerald> Where does $(ALL_COMPILERFLAGS) compile from?

Look a little further down in the patch:

 .cc.o .c.o:
+	$(COMPILE) $<

... that is, the patches didn't change this part.  ALL_COMPILERFLAGS was
used before and it is used now.  I don't think this series touched how
this variable is computed, either.

Gerald> If I read the code
Gerald> right, we do disable these warnings for the stage1 build.  However,
Gerald> the install compiler is the same -- so I guess we should disable
Gerald> warnings there, too?

I'm afraid I don't understand.

If I were debugging this then I think I would start by looking in
config.log to see why the compiler accepted -Wno-narrowing.

Actually, I looked in my own config.log and I see it isn't very

configure:6280: checking whether gcc supports -Wnarrowing
configure:6306: result: yes

I suppose I would hack in a "set -x" / "set +x" pair into configure
around the warning-checking section and then see what happens.


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