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[PATCH] Fix libgfortran cross compile configury w.r.t newlib

This patch:

... breaks libgfortran configure against newlib.

The solution implemented hard wires an assumption in libgfortran/ that newlib provides strtold(). This assumption is not correct, newlib only provides an implementation of strtold on systems where sizeof(long double) == sizeof(double). This manifests as a regression when trying to build a cross aarch64 bare metal toolchain with fortran enabled.

The attached patch tightens the condition introduced in the earlier patch such that we continue to call AC_CHECK_FUNCS_ONCE unless we know that link tests are not possible, in which case we fall back to the existing broken assumption.

I'm in two minds about whether further sticky tape of this form is the right approach or whether the original patch should be reverted until a proper fix that does not regress the tree can be found.


2013-09-26  Marcus Shawcroft  <>

        * (AC_CHECK_FUNCS_ONCE): Make if statement
        dependent on gcc_no_link.


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