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Re: [PATCH, powerpc] Rework#2 VSX scalar floating point support, patch #3

On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 4:33 PM, Michael Meissner
<> wrote:
> This patch adds the initial support for putting DI, DF, and SF values in the
> upper registers (traditional Altivec registers) using the -mupper-regs-df and
> -mupper-regs-sf patches.  Those switches will not be enabled by default until
> the rest of the changes are made.  This patch passes the bootstrap test and
> make check test.  I tested all of the targets I tested previously (power4-8,
> G4/G5, SPE, cell, e5500/e5600, and paired floating point), and all machines
> generate the same code.  Is it ok to install this patch?
> [gcc]
> 2013-09-24  Michael Meissner  <>
>         * config/rs6000/rs6000.c (rs6000_hard_regno_mode_ok): Allow
>         DFmode, DImode, and SFmode in the upper VSX registers based on the
>         -mupper-regs-{df,sf} flags.  Fix wu constraint to be ALTIVEC_REGS
>         if -mpower8-vector.  Combine -mvsx-timode handling with the rest
>         of the VSX register handling.
>         * config/rs6000/ (f32_lv): Use %x0 for VSX regsters.
>         (f32_sv): Likewise.
>         (zero_extendsidi2_lfiwzx): Add support for loading into the
>         Altivec registers with -mpower8-vector.  Use wu/wv constraints to
>         only do VSX memory options on Altivec registers.
>         (extendsidi2_lfiwax): Likewise.
>         (extendsfdf2_fpr): Likewise.
>         (mov<mode>_hardfloat, SF/SD modes): Likewise.
>         (mov<mode>_hardfloat32, DF/DD modes): Likewise.
>         (mov<mode>_hardfloat64, DF/DD modes): Likewise.
>         (movdi_internal64): Likewise.
> [gcc/testsuite]
> 2013-09-24  Michael Meissner  <>
>         * New test for -mupper-regs-sf
>         and -mupper-regs-df.


Thanks, David

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