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Re: [buildrobot] [PATCH] r202527: ssa / ssanames restructure broke alpha-linux

On Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 4:20 PM, Michael Matz <> wrote:

>> >> Where? I don't see config/alpha.c listed anywhere.
>> >
>> > Must be in one of the fragments in config/ or config/alpha.  For
>> > i386 it's config/i386/t-i386
>> Well, we have a problem here. The dependencies from t-* files are
>> ignored
> Why do you think so?  The t-* frags are includes via
> ...
> tmake_file=...$(srcdir)/config/i386/t-i386
> ...
> ifneq ($(tmake_file),)
> include $(tmake_file)
> endif
> ...
> It's just that there's no t-alpha frag yet.

No, there is no problem with includes. The *dependencies* from t-*
files are missing.

Please compare i386.o dependencies from config/i386/t-i386 with
$(out_object_file) from the resulting Makefile in the build directory.
They are NOT the same, the dependencies in the Makefile from the build
directory for $(out_object_file) AKA i386.o are copied verbatim from

>> These are "universal" dependecies used to compile config/${cpu-type}.o
>> for any target, no matter what their t- fragment says.
> The universal deps are amended by the t- frags, as above.

No, they are copied directly from


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