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Re: Using gen_int_mode instead of GEN_INT minot testsuite fallout on MIPS

Richard Biener <> writes:
> On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 8:39 PM, Richard Sandiford
> <> wrote:
>> Graham Stott <> writes:
>>> Hi Richard,
>>> There is some minor testsuite fallout with these patches on MIPS a
>>> couple of tests (see below)ICE ingen_int_mode () in both these ICE the
>>> mode is CCmode.
>> Hmm, interesting.  I suppose gen_int_mode should handle CC modes,
>> since there's no other constant rtx that can be used instead.  OTOH,
>> like you say, it doesn't really make sense to apply try_const_anchor
>> to CCmode.
> Can we statically identify the places that build CCmode integers?  In that
> case a gen_cc_const () function would be more appropriate ...

I think it'd be hard to do statically.  E.g. it wasn't really obvious
that this particular cse code might have to handle CCmode.

It might be better to have a different rtx for MODE_CC constants,
hopefully then just using gen_rtx_CONST_CC (...) directly.
It'd be a lot of work though.

> Do we know that CCmode fits into a HWI btw?

The precision of CCmode is effectively left undefined, so it's hard to say.
But it always seems to have worked in practice.

I suppose the most likely values are 0, 1 and -1, although MIPS did for
a while have 1.0f as the CC value for "true".

> (what about partial integer modes which have weird precision (none)?)

We don't really model that properly yet.  Partial modes are just defined
using something like:


i.e. without the partial precision.  But trunc_int_for_mode is based on
GET_MODE_PRECISION, so should just work if a proper precision is added.
(There are other places that wouldn't just work, but that's something
that the wide-int branch will help with.  It almost feels like you were
setting me up for that answer. :-))


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