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Re: [C++ diagnostic Patch] Partially fix c++/58363 and more

On Sun, Sep 8, 2013 at 3:26 PM, Paolo Carlini <> wrote:
> Hi all, Gaby,
> I was having a look to c++/58363 and besides the main issue, that is we
> probably want to help the user and tell him/her something about destructors,
> etc, I noticed that we aren't able to pretty print the pseudo destructor
> expression at issue:
> cannot convert ‘f.#‘var_decl’ not supported by dump_type#<type error>::~’
> (type ‘void’) to type ‘int’
> Weird. Thus I went to cp-tree.def and found the very clear comment:
> /* A pseudo-destructor, of the form "OBJECT.~DESTRUCTOR" or
> "OBJECT.SCOPE::~DESTRUCTOR. The first operand is the OBJECT. The
> second operand (if non-NULL) is the SCOPE. The third operand is
> the TYPE node corresponding to the DESTRUCTOR.
> which in fact is inconsistent with the code in error.c:dump_expr. As regards
> cxx-pretty-print.c, the code in postfix_expression seems largely Ok (that
> confirmed my analysis), only I don't think the case of NULL second operand
> is handled correctly. What do you think about the below? Certainly passes
> the testsuite and the pretty printing for 58363 is Ok.

Looks good.  OK to commit.

I have been hoping that we would have ditched dump_expr and consorts, in
favor of the C++ specific pretty printers, but now…

-- Gaby

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