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Re: [C++, diagnostic Patch] PR 58362

On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 7:49 AM, Paolo Carlini <> wrote:
> Hi all, hi Gaby,
> thus a more sensible try at fixing this issue:
> function.c:do_warn_unused_parameter uses "%q+D" for the error call. That
> means that cp/error.c:cp_printer does:
>   if (set_locus && t != NULL)
>     *text->locus = location_of (t);
> and it's important that location_of (t) is correct. However, for PARM_DECLs,
> location_of (still) does:
>   if (TREE_CODE (t) == PARM_DECL && DECL_CONTEXT (t))
>     t = DECL_CONTEXT (t);
>   else if ...
>   ...
> which means that for those we end up with the location of a FUNCTION_DECL or
> anyway not exactly the location of the PARM_DECL itself. I went through the
> C++ front-end and currently there are very few cases if any where
> location_of may be fed a PARM_DECL, and the very few seem Ok to me. The
> testsuite passes on x86_64-linux of course, thus I'm proposing the below.
> IMHO now that we are in Stage 1 the risk of breaking locations somewhere
> else is low enough. By the way, as discussed today elsewhere, the C
> front-end is already Ok.

Patch OK; thanks!

-- Gaby

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