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Re: [RFC] Fix for PR58201

Hi Honza,

and thanks for the analysis, now I understand the issue a little more.

On 09/07/2013 10:28 AM, Jan Hubicka wrote:
So it is just an accident that the line info is output sanely (if line 9 is sane, I don't exactly know)
I would say that in general it's definitely sane, because that is the instantiation point. And 10 is wrong, too late, it points to the closing bracket.

However, I notice that clang doesn't even try to output a message having to do with line 9: if I understand correctly, if that operator cannot be mangled, that happens unconditionally, isn't something that may succeed. Thus I wonder if, instead of outputting garbage line numbers we could at least suppress in such cases the whole "In instantiation of..." part of the diagnostic, it would be better than garbage. Do we have a mechanism for that?

Now I also understand that this should be a very uncommon error message, but, I'm wondering, is it possible that other errors, for other issues, are also affected? That is, other diagnostic happening very late and sensitive to the recent rework?


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