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Re: [Patch, PR 57780] Waste work in subst_dup()

On 07/22/2013 07:39 PM, wrote:

The problem appears in revision 201034 in version 4.9.  I attached a
one-line patch that fixes it.  I also reported this problem

Bootstrap and regression-tested on x86_64-linux.

In method "subst_dup()" in gensupport.c, the loop on line 2181
should not be executed when "code" equals to "MATCH_DUP" or "MATCH_OP_DUP".

2013-07-22  Chang  <>

         * gensupport.c (subst_dup): Avoid loop if code is not
         MATCH_DUP nor MATCH_OP_DUP.
Thanks.  Installed.

We're probably getting to a point where the sum of all these fixes is going to require a copyright assignment. If you could start that process with the FSF it would be greatly appreciated.

You may also need an employer disclaimer. can help you with ensuring you get the right paperwork.

It also seems to me you should get an account on so that you can commit approved changes, close PRs, etc.

Here's the form.  List me as the sponsor/approver:

You might also want to review:

Thanks again,


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