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Re: [Patch] Reimplment regex matcher using DFS


On 07/23/2013 03:07 PM, Tim Shen wrote:
At last, two bug reports(libstdc++/53622 and libstdc++/57173) said
that there're regex grouping problems. It's relatively simple fix it
in the DFS approach, and I added them to the testsuite. Shall I write
PR in the ChangeLog? What does PR stand for?
PR stands for Problem Report. Traditionally adding this kind of header to the ChangeLog entry triggered a script on the machine running Subversion which sent a message to Bugzilla, which added the commit log to the Audit Trail of the corresponding bug report. Nice. Unfortunately, the thing doesn't work now (apparently we need another Google Summer of Code person for it ;) but I don't see why we shouldn't keep on decorating the ChangeLog entry like this, in this specific way instead of another. The general idea is that if a commit is fixing a bug, that should be clear in the ChangeLog and I think it makes a lot of sense. Of course, if the commit does *much* more than fixing a bug, it's debatable whether the header really makes sense, we could as well only write the bug number in a comment inside the testcase, or use it as the name itself of the testcase (or both).


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