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Re: [PATCH 1/*] Fix common typos.

I do not believe such fixes in testsuites make sense.  They are definitely 
inappropriate in testsuite input data (as opposed to comments) without 
specific rationale in the patch posting for why the change is OK.

Changes to gcc/go/gofrontend/ and libgo/ have their own rules as those 
directories are maintained elsewhere.  Please send them separately.

Fortran has its own mailing list.  Please send those changes separately 
(to gcc-patches@ and fortran@).

Java has its own mailing list.  Please send those separately (to 
gcc-patches@ and java-patches@).

libstdc++ has its own mailing list.  Please send those separately (to 
gcc-patches@ and libstdc++@).  lwg-closed.html and lwg-defects.html are 
externally maintained and patches to those would need to go upstream.

In general, splitting up by directory is a good idea even if there isn't a 
separate mailing list, to keep the patches down to a size easy for humans 
to review quickly, and given that different people maintain different 
files and directories.

soft-fp comes from glibc.  Please send patches to it to glibc in the first 

In any case, make sure the patches, after splitting up by directory, are 
small enough to post directly to the list, and post them rather than URLs; 
split up further if necessary (really I'd suggest keeping the amount of 
such changes you have pending review in total down to about 2000 lines - 
wait for the pending patches to be reviewed before sending more).

Joseph S. Myers

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