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Re: [Ping^3] [Patch, AArch64, ILP32] 3/5 Minor change in function.c:assign_parm_find_data_types()



On 07/08/13 11:11, Yufeng Zhang wrote:


On 07/02/13 23:44, Yufeng Zhang wrote:

Can I get an OK please if there is no objection?


On 06/26/13 23:39, Yufeng Zhang wrote:
This patch updates assign_parm_find_data_types to assign passed_mode and
nominal_mode with the mode of the built pointer type instead of the
hard-coded Pmode in the case of pass-by-reference.  This is in line with
the assignment to passed_mode and nominal_mode in other cases inside the

assign_parm_find_data_types generally uses TYPE_MODE to calculate
passed_mode and nominal_mode:

      /* Find mode of arg as it is passed, and mode of arg as it should be
         during execution of this function.  */
      passed_mode = TYPE_MODE (passed_type);
      nominal_mode = TYPE_MODE (nominal_type);

this includes the case when the passed argument is a pointer by itself.

However there is a discrepancy when it deals with argument passed by
invisible reference; it builds the argument's corresponding pointer
type, but sets passed_mode and nominal_mode with Pmode directly.

This is OK for targets where Pmode == ptr_mode, but on AArch64 with
ILP32 they are different with Pmode as DImode and ptr_mode as SImode.
When such a reference is passed on stack, the reference is prepared by
the caller in the lower 4 bytes of an 8-byte slot but is fetched by the
callee as an 8-byte datum, of which the higher 4 bytes may contain junk.
     It is probably the combination of Pmode != ptr_mode and the particular
ABI specification that make the AArch64 ILP32 the first target on which
the issue manifests itself.

Bootstrapped on x86_64-none-linux-gnu.

OK for the trunk?


	* function.c (assign_parm_find_data_types): Set passed_mode and
	nominal_mode to the TYPE_MODE of nominal_type for the built
	pointer type in case of the struct-pass-by-reference.

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