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Re: [PATCH] GOMP_CPU_AFFINITY fails with >1024 cores

On 17/07/2013, at 2:29 AM, Daniel J Blueman wrote:

> Jakub et al,
> Steffen has developed a nice fix [1] for GOMP_CPU_AFFINITY failing with >1024 cores.
> What steps are needed to get this into GCC 4.8.2?
> Thanks,
>  Daniel
> [1]

<ironic>It's easy!  Just follow the steps:</ironic>

1. You test the patch on one of the primary architectures and make sure there are no regressions in the testsuites.

2. Ideally you add a test that fails before your patch, but passes with it.

3. You post your final patch to gcc-patches@ mailing list (this is gcc@ mailing list); CC one of the maintainers.  If you CC both -- each will think that the other will review the patch.

4. You include full description and analysis of the problem in the body of message (people are lazy to click on links).  You describe how your patch fixes the problem.  You write how and which architectures your patch was tested on.

5. You ping your submission every 2 weeks to one of the maintainers until they review your patch.

Good luck!

Maxim Kuvyrkov

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