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Re: Make m32c build, fix PSImode truncation

DJ Delorie <> writes:
>> Sorry for missing the truncation patterns, I should have grepped
>> more than  They look a lot like normal moves though.  Is
>> truncation really not a noop, or are the patterns there to work
>> around something (probably this :-))?
> Not sure which pattern you're talking about, but in general, the
> m32c's registers are either 16-bit or 24-bit.  You can move a pair of
> 16-bit registers into a 24-bit register and it truncates as part of
> the move, likewise from 32-bit memory to 24-bit reg.  Note that moves
> to other 32-bit destinations do *not* truncate, nor can 24-bit
> registers hold 32-bit values (duh).  The 24-bit registers may also
> hold a 16-bit value.

The pattern in this case was:

(define_insn "truncsipsi2_24"
  [(set (match_operand:PSI 0              "m32c_nonimmediate_operand" "=RsiSd*Rmm,Raa,!Rcl,RsiSd*Rmm")
	(truncate:PSI (match_operand:SI 1 "m32c_nonimmediate_operand" "0,RsiSd*Rmm,RsiSd*Rmm,!Rcl")))]
   ; no-op trunc si %1 to psi %0
  [(set_attr "flags" "n,sz,n,n")]

(the ICE I mentioned was on -mcpu=m32cm, forgot to mention that sorry).
It looked like alternatives 0 and 1 were really moves, with alternative
0 being a no-op move.

The question was really whether:

   (set (reg:PSI foo) (truncate:PSI (reg:SI bar)))
   (set (reg:PSI foo) (subreg:PSI (reg:SI bar) 0))

are fundamentally different on this target.  In other words,
does m32c really want to set TRULY_NOOP_TRUNCATION to false for
SImode->PSImode truncations, but can't because the interface is broken
for partial ints?  It looked to me like the answer was "no" in both cases:
truncation from SImode to PSImode seems to work just like a lowpart subreg
on this target.

The corresponding move pattern seems to be:

(define_insn "movpsi_op"
  [(set (match_operand:PSI 0 "m32c_nonimmediate_operand"
			   "=Raa, SdRmmRpi,  Rcl,  RpiSd*Rmm, <,       <, Rcl, RpiRaa*Rmm")
	(match_operand:PSI 1 "m32c_any_operand"
			   "sIU3, iSdRmmRpi, iRpiSd*Rmm, Rcl, Rpi*Rmm, Rcl, >, >"))]
  "TARGET_A24 && m32c_mov_ok (operands, PSImode)"
  [(set_attr "flags" "sz,sz,n,n,n,n,n,*")]

and AIUI alternative 1 in the truncsipsi2_24 pattern is basically acting
like alternative 1 in movpsi_op.

If that's right, what do you think of the patch I posted yesterday?


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