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Re: [C++ Patch] Define __cplusplus == 201300L for -std=c++1y

On 26 April 2013 12:06, Daniel Krügler wrote:
>>> Jonathan recently submitted an LWG issue for this (not yet part of the
>>> available list). I'm in the process to add the new issue within the
>>> following days. He's essentially suggesting to remove get() from
>>> C++14.
>> To clarify this: The C++ Standard currently refers to a get() function
>> that does not exist anymore in the reference C99. So, its removal
>> looks more than reasonable to me.
> Sorry, I need to correct me here: gets() is part of C99 TC3, but has
> been deprecated.

Yes. When I submitted the issue I was under the impression (along with
most of the BSI C++ panel) that the C++ standard references the
current C standard, which is now C11.  I was told in Bristol that the
reference to ISO/IEC 9899:1999 is fine and so we only reference the
C99 library, which still includes gets().  So I think the issue I
submitted is NAD.

IMHO it wouldn't be a bad thing to remove gets() from the C++ Standard
Library even if it's technically still in C99.  It is evil and should
be killed with fire.  But that probably can't be handled with a DR and
so is too late for C++14.

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