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Re: [patch] Hash table changes from cxx-conversion branch

On 4/24/13, Lawrence Crowl <> wrote:
> Updated hash table patch.  This patch does not include the config part,
> and does not include the entries already approved.
> The patch is attached due to size.

Trying again.  Patch attached compressed.  Introductory text below.


This patch is a consolodation of the hash_table patches to the
cxx-conversion branch for files not under gcc/config.

Update various hash tables from htab_t to hash_table.
Modify types and calls to match.

* tree-parloops.c'reduction
* tree-parloops.c'name_to_copy

Fold reduction_info_hash and reduction_info_eq into new struct
reduction_hasher.  Fold name_to_copy_elt_eq and name_to_copy_elt_hash
into new struct name_to_copy_hasher.

* var-tracking.c'emit_note_data_def.vars
* var-tracking.c'shared_hash_def.htab
* var-tracking.c'changed_variables

Fold variable_htab_hash, variable_htab_eq, variable_htab_free
  into new struct variable_hasher.
Add typedef variable_table_type.
Add typedef variable_iterator_type.

* trans-mem.c'tm_log

Fold tm_log_hash, tm_log_eq, tm_log_free into new struct log_entry_hasher.

* trans-mem.c'tm_memopt_value_numbers

Fold tm_memop_hash, tm_memop_eq into new struct tm_memop_hasher.

* tree-ssa-strlen.c'decl_to_stridxlist_htab

Fold decl_to_stridxlist_hash into new struct stridxlist_hasher.

* tree-ssa-loop-ivopts.c'ivopts_data::inv_expr_tab

Fold htab_inv_expr_hash and htab_inv_expr_eq into new struct

* tree-ssa-uncprop.c'equiv

Equiv renamed to val_ssa_equiv because of name ambiguity with local variables.

Fold equiv_hash, equiv_eq and equiv_free into new struct val_ssa_equiv_hasher.

Renamed variables equiv_hash_elt to an_equiv_elt because of name ambiguity
with struct type.  Changed equiv_hash_elt_p to an_equiv_elt_p to match.

* tree-ssa-phiopt.c'seen_ssa_names

Fold name_to_bb_hash and name_to_bb_eq into new struct ssa_names_hasher.

* tree-ssa-structalias.c'pointer_equiv_class_table
* tree-ssa-structalias.c'location_equiv_class_table

Fold equiv_class_label_hash and equiv_class_label_eq into new
struct equiv_class_hasher.

* tree-ssa-structalias.c'shared_bitmap_table

Fold shared_bitmap_hash and shared_bitmap_eq into new struct

* tree-ssa-live.c'var_map_base_init::tree_to_index

New struct tree_int_map_hasher.

* tree-sra.c'candidates

Fold uid_decl_map_hash and uid_decl_map_eq into new struct
uid_decl_hasher.  This change moves the definitions from tree-ssa.c
into tree-sra.c and removes the declarations from tree-flow.h


Remove stale declaration of removed TB_parent_eq.
Fix template parameter for base class to match value_type.


Use gimplify_hasher::hash rather than gimple_tree_hash in the
  assertion check.
Change return values to match return type. (I.e. no conversions.)

* graphite-clast-to-gimple.c'ivs_params::newivs_index
* graphite-clast-to-gimple.c'ivs_params::params_index
* graphite-clast-to-gimple.c'print_generated_program::params_index
* graphite-clast-to-gimple.c'gloog::newivs_index
* graphite-clast-to-gimple.c'gloog::params_index
* graphite.c graphite_transform_loops::bb_pbb_mapping
* sese.c copy_bb_and_scalar_dependences::rename_map

Move hash table declarations to a new graphite-htab.h, because they
are used in few places.

Remove unused:

htab_t scop::original_pddrs

Remove unused:


* gimplify.c'gimplify_ctx::temp_htab

Move struct gimple_temp_hash_elt and struct gimplify_ctx to a new
gimplify-ctx.h, because they are used few places.

* cselib.c'cselib_hash_table
* gcse.c'pre_ldst_table
* gimple-ssa-strength-reduction.c'base_cand_map
* haifa-sched.c'delay_htab
* haifa-sched.c'delay_htab_i2
* ira-color.c'allocno_hard_regs_htab
* ira-costs.c'cost_classes_htab
* loop-invariant.c'merge_identical_invariants::eq
* loop-iv.c'bivs
* loop-unroll.c'opt_info::insns_to_split
* loop-unroll.c'opt_info::insns_with_var_to_expand
* passes.c'name_to_pass_map
* plugin.c'event_tab
* postreload-gcse.c'expr_table
* store-motion.c'store_motion_mems_table
* tree-cfg.c'discriminator_per_locus
* tree-scalar-evolution.c'resolve_mixers::cache
* tree-ssa-dom.c'avail_exprs

Remove unused:
dse.c bitmap clear_alias_sets
dse.c bitmap disqualified_clear_alias_sets
dse.c alloc_pool clear_alias_mode_pool
dse.c dse_step2_spill
dse.c dse_step5_spill
graphds.h htab_t graph::indices

* attribs.c'scoped_attributes::attribute_hash
* bitmap.c'bitmap_desc_hash
* dwarf2cfi.c'trace_index
* dwarf2out.c'break_out_includes::cu_hash_table
* dwarf2out.c'copy_decls_for_unworthy_types::decl_table
* dwarf2out.c'optimize_external_refs::map
* dwarf2out.c'output_comp_unit::extern_map
* dwarf2out.c'output_comdat_type_unit::extern_map
* dwarf2out.c'output_macinfo::macinfo_htab
* dwarf2out.c'optimize_location_lists::htab
* dwarf2out.c'dwarf2out_finish::comdat_type_table
* except.c'ehspec_hash_type
* except.c'assign_filter_values::ttypes
* except.c'assign_filter_values::ehspec
* except.c'sjlj_assign_call_site_values::ar_hash
* except.c'convert_to_eh_region_ranges::ar_hash
* trans-mem.c'tm_new_mem_hash
* tree-browser.c'TB_up_ht
* tree-eh.c'finally_tree

Move the declaration of hash_table <alloc_pool_hasher> alloc_pool_hash
in alloc-pool.c to after the method definitions for its parameter

* ggc-common.c'loc_hash
* ggc-common.c'ptr_hash

Add a new hash_table method elements_with_deleted to meet the needs of

Correct many methods with parameter types compare_type to the correct
value_type.  (Correct code was unlikely to notice the change, but
incorrect code will.)

* tree-complex.c'complex_variable_components
* tree-parloops.c'eliminate_local_variables_stmt::decl_address
* tree-parloops.c'separate_decls_in_region::decl_copies

Move hash table declarations to a new tree-hasher.h, to resolve
compilation dependences and because they are used in few places.

* lto-streamer.h'output_block::string_hash_table
* lto-streamer-in.c'file_name_hash_table
* lto-streamer.c'tree_htab

The struct string_slot moves from data-streamer.h to lto-streamer.h to
resolve compilation dependences.

Tested on x86_64.

Lawrence Crowl

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