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Re: [patch] replace a bunch of equivalent checks for asm operands with a new function

> This idiom: "if (GET_CODE (body) == ASM_INPUT || asm_noperands (body)
> >= 0)" appears in multiple places. There's even one place where the
> idiom above is used in reverse (making the GET_CODE... check
> redundant). A few more places to the equivalent by checking
> extract_asm_operands != NULL.

I think that the last point is not clear: asm_noperands can return -1 and yet 
extract_asm_operands has returned non-NULL.  And, at least in some cases, I 
think that the right predicate is extract_asm_operands.  In fact, I wonder 
whether in most cases the right combined predicate would be:

  GET_CODE (body) == ASM_INPUT || extract_asm_operands (body) != NULL

and asm_noperands only used when you really care about the operands.

> It made sense to me, at least, to replace those equivalent checks with
> a new function: insn_with_asm_operands_p().

The first hunk for config/ia64/ia64.c looks incorrect.

Eric Botcazou

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